Saturday, August 20, 2011


Instead of sleeping in Vilnius, I had the brilliant idea of taking a night bus to Tallinn Estonia. I mean, we only had 4 days and I wanted to get 4 countries under our belts. A little less than the first bus; this bus ride was only 9 hours long (9pm-6am). Perfect. Unless you have unruly bus drivers who insult you in other languages, but we won't go into that.
We found exercise equipment in the local park (interesting)

Sat on lots of statues/monuments/cool finds around the city

Enjoyed breakfast (which felt like dinner because we arrived in the city so early) with a cute British couple at the Boca Pott cafe (loved that).

Learned that you WILL get pushed out of the way of an 83 year old lady if you take too long in line at the market.

Slept in a bed for the first time = heavenly.
I enjoyed this city just a tad bit better than the first.
Thank you Estonia.