Friday, August 12, 2011


The next episode of 'What NOT to Wear' should stop by the Prague aqua park. I have never seen so many horrible man thongs in one place.

You might spot hairy legs, bikini tops that touch the bikini bottoms (due to lack of support or high waisted bottoms), and suits with no liner whatsoever on the women. OHGOSH.

But all in all, besides the 1 outdoor concrete water slide of death, the place is loads of fun for everyone.


Unknown said...

I'm a little upset you made me look at those pictures.

Lin said...

Omg...there are some things that can never be unseen. This is one of them! haha

Why in the world are they SO high up?

Anonymous said...

jaj :D tak to jsem ještě neviděla :D hruza ty plavky :D