Friday, December 28, 2007


...That's how they say it in Irish.
Christmas at the Watson's in the states 2007. It was full of snow, zoo lights, presents, family, far away friends, egg nog, gingerbread houses, city lights, and fun.

Monday, December 17, 2007


One month later and I'm back in the states from my holiday with Jenny Baum. Europe is amazing but I must say God Bless the USA! Short recap...

IRELAND: Lots of time in the pubs, sausage, castles, trying to go to the American Embassy on Thanksgiving in hopes of a turkey meal but being turned away because it was closed due to the American holiday so we ate Mexican porkchops instead, pineapple juice and redbull, 33 1/3 (said tirty tree and a turd), my face exploding to the size of a soccer ball, Irish family, driving on the wrong side of car and road (hard to shift gears), taxis, Guinness, dirty humor (lifts vs rides), stopping traffic to photograph ourselves walking in the crosswalk at Abbey Road...several times, Grandma & Donald, and hot firefighters on Grafton Street.

LONDON: amazing English accents (I'm smitten), rain, Big Ben, Days Inn hotels, Underground and minding the gap, fish & chips, more rain, 1 pound= $2, tea, theater, meeting our American friend, stealing towels from Buckingham Palace, telephone booths, the Queen, A to Zed books, Bee movie premiere with Jerry Seinfeld, SPICE GIRLS returning, Sherlock Holmes ale, and sneaking photos in the National Gallery.

PARIS: not having a place to sleep in London so we rode the coach for 8 hours through the night spent the day in Paris then slept on the coach the next night, Louvre closed, trying to order food at McDonald's in French (c'est tout ce que j'aime), Notre Dame, baguettes, Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, and Ed Hardy.

SAN FRANCISCO: family in Modesto, visit to Tracy, In N Out, nachos with the fam, jingle dog, 5th grade crush, delivering Christmas gifts to dental offices, TV, real showers, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, sourdough bread, Lombard Street, HOJO with breakfast on Deanna but not ON deanna, sea lions, See's Candies, and drive through convenience stores in San Bruno.