Saturday, May 31, 2008


Everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE here is crazy about water. No matter where you go if it's to the park, down the street, in the car, etc., you need to have a water (voda) bottle with you. Since the temperature is in the 90's right now and it is so unusually hot for the country, people think they are going to die without water.
This leads to my next scenerio...if you drink a lot you have to use the toilet a lot. But, if you're a little child, you are allowed to just go pee outside. That's right, pull down your pants (it takes a little more work if you're a girl) and go on the lawn, sidewalk, or wherever with parent's permission. I'm not used to this yet.

Friday, May 30, 2008


One week down in Czech and I want to list a few of my favorite things about the city I'm staying in; it's called Plzen (Pilsen for my fellow Americans).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


For years, my mother tried to get me to make my bed. I hated it because I had so many blankets and sheets and it was just a hassle. My arguement was that there was no reason to make it because I planned to mess it up later that night. Well, since I've been in the Czech Republic as a guest in someone's house, I would like my mother to know that I have made my bed every single morning I've been here. It's only been like 4 days, but I'm taking baby steps. Yes, Mother, baby steps.

Monday, May 26, 2008


...wasn't this man, but something from this man. I couldn't handle it any longer. I am a photoholic. I went to the city center and walked around by myself today. My mission: to buy a new camera. I had already been here 3 days and taken no photos. I was so happy I took a photo with the Czech man who sold it to me...he looks so happy because he charged me a price much greater than in the States.

At a beautiful cathedral in the middle of the city, there is a spot where people walk by to touch an angel head and make a wish. I touched it and wished for better photo taking opportunities with my new camera. Note the zipper down (noone told me but if they did I wouldn't be able to understand them) and person's finger in upper corner...I think you have to let go before the wish comes true.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Thursday night was deanna's last night in town and time for one last hoorah with a few people who stopped by. Jenny and I shared a kebab (not bob) and baklava. This morning as I went to leave, I noticed my camera was nowhere to be found. Um, I NEVER forget my camera and more importantly NEVER lose it. So I took off without it and a frown on my face. (Luckily I can add a few snaps from my camera phone).

I flew to Atlanta then on to Prague. In the airport in GA, I was surrounded by Czechs. They weren't bad looking at all, I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but at least they weren't bad looking. The stewards handed out newspapers written in Czech and I felt a little left out.

Upon greeting my new family for a few months at the airport, little William surprised me with some flowers and I him with a book about Utah. They told me they don't know anything about Utah besides it has a lot of Mormons and skiing...what else is there?!
Went straight to the house. I have a great big area upstairs with my own bathroom and kitchen. Not too shabby. I unpacked, played outside with local friends/business partners and William, sipped some sparkling water, and called it a night.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Email with job offer: Thursday
Phone call to chat about job: Saturday
Phone call about getting a ticket to fly out: Sunday
Ticket purchased for me: Wednesday
Leaving USA: Friday
Working in Europe: til August.
Gonna miss: you

Saturday, May 17, 2008


My friend Jonny Balagna phoned me up this week and asked if I wanted to go Moab at Arches National Park. I remember this being my favorite Park in Utah so I agreed. We left Thursday night. He looked at the forecast for the weekend and it said it would be in the high 80's. I've never been to Moab and left without tan lines. However, when we arrived, I believe it was a record for being the windiest day ever. Amazing! We hiked until we couldn't see the arches in the dark anymore. Then we slept in his 4runner and woke up early (maybe due to discomfort) to hike in the sun until all the arches seemed to look the same and we couldn't hike any longer. I hate hiking, but I love the arches and red rock.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I got this link in an email today. It is supposedly the 5 top things a guy loves to hear on a date. I don't buy it. (click top 5 see real article.)
Here's what I think it should be:
1. Here's the remote. We can watch tv as long as you want.
2. I made you this sandwich.
3. More sports? Yes, please.
4. Of course I'm in the mood!
5. No, I don't mind that you stick your hand down your pants then hold my hand.

And the 5 he doesn't want to hear on a date:
1. I once dated this guy who...
2. If WE get married...
3. Wanna meet my _____(insert ANY member of your family here)?
4. No, I'm NOT in the mood right now.
5. Let's just talk.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I feel like I've been writing both thoughtful and thought provoking blogs lately and I kinda feel too serious. So it's time for something stupid that has no point at all besides to make you laugh. Click here for a link to the stupid test.
Worried about whether you are stupid...find out with the Stupid Test! This quiz is full of riddles and trick questions to test your intellect and reveal if you're really stupid. I.Q. tests are stupid, but the Stupid Test isn't! Don't be stupid, take the test.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have to give my 14 year old niece props for sharing this quote with me today. She's wise beyond her years...or at least got lucky on this one.


Now don't start dreaming of Tom Cruise playing volleyball in the sand then riding a motorcycle over to shower at your beachhouse.
But think about that quote. It pretty much means you can go on living a life, not taking any chances, being mediocrely happy, watching everyone else go by OR you can freakin jump on the float and be IN the parade of life (or in the back of the Benz as I was incase you don't have a float).
There are a million songs that need to be danced to, shoes that need to be filled, places to see, and people to meet so what are you waiting for?! Don't be afraid to have your breath taken away.

Monday, May 12, 2008


There are a few things that come to mind that scare me in this world.
How can something so little be so horrifying and have such a horrible bite that it's venum has the effect in a human so big (in comparison) to block impulses to the muscles, cause cramps, rigidity, and have a general paralyzing effect. Or possibly turn you into a web throwing super hero (not sure if that one is bad or not).

A little bit bigger and a lot more teeth. A recent article about an Australian guy who thought he was swimming by a dolphin said he poked the 16-foot fella in the eye when he dragged him under the water and the monster let go (just a tip).
I saw it in an after school special movie with Ricky Schroeder when I was like ten years old. The young newly-wed couple had a baby and the mother had a headache and then fell down and died from an aneurysm and left hottie Ricky alone to raise the baby by himself. Sounds silly but it's had me scared ever since.

You know what I'm talking more sit down jobs and plenty of running hills for me to take care of this booty.
5. GAS?
I'd add gas prices getting higher but I know there is nothing I can do about that. NOTHING. Nope, no matter how many times people say they're not gonna buy gas on a certain day, it's not gonna work. So either get a higher paying job so you can afford it and quit whinging (you never see Beyonce in the news complaining about how much she has to pay per gallon) or buy a bus pass, walk, or maybe get a skateboard and quit being so gay (no offense to my gay friend Shane).
6. 80's FASHION

I pray the shoulder pads, stirrup pants, and four-hour hair like Blair from the Facts of Life tv show never come back. NEVER.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I can't get enough Pop Art right now...or anything similar to it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


While in the waiting room for over an hour at work today, I had the opportunity to look through PEOPLE magazine to see Hollywood's most beautiful of 2007. Towards the end of the mag I saw a photo of Ashton Kutcher. He was asked two questions, one was: Has your wife, Demi Moore, turned you on to any (beauty) product you now can't live without?
To which he replied: The only thing I can't live without is her.
That answer was beautiful.
It restored my faith in boys and their ability to be kind for several minutes...until I returned back to work with a school full of about 34 jerky boy students. Sigh.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Today I heard someone say this and it made me smile on the inside:
Give it a thought. How many times do we think down on someone because they cut us off in traffic, dress differently, or get together once a week with friends and dress up to play midevil battle board games (that's still kinda weird but I'll accept it)? I'm not perfect enough that I am able to judge others, so I guess it's better that I just offer my love.