Thursday, September 29, 2011


It is NOT ok to cut me off or drive like a dummy while you're talking on your cell phone. I'm a girl, but I must report this has been done to me recently by SEVERAL girl drivers. Quit talking and PAY ATTENTION, please.


It is OK, however,  to listen to sweet tunes while you're driving. So why not go Amazon free MP3 page right now where you can use the code FALLMP3S  to score a FREE $2 credit to download some sweet tunes (which can go straight into your iTunes if you wish).

Monday, September 26, 2011


I arrived in Utah after 3 flights from Prague, slept a few hours, and then jumped in the car for a road trip to Yellowstone. Why not?!

Who usually always has a camera with her at all times?

Who had this new lens waiting for her at home upon her arrival?

Who got in the car and started driving without her camera?
Sadly...THIS GIRL.

I'll blame it on Mr. Jetlag...even though he didn't have much on me this time around.
So here is my version of Yellowstone via Android camera phone.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Petrified National Park monster
Why'd the Buffalo cross the road?

Not all Tetons are Grand...taken in Grand Teton National Park.


"Who knew the carnival could be so much fun?!"

Yes, Jacq spent her entire $10 carnival punch card on sweets. Look at that cotton candy beard!

Brother Tim and I couldn't resist the sno cones

And I think Alexander and Barrett came home with 4 goldfish.

Thank you Northridge Elementary PTA for the awesome school carnival!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm cute. Why do I say this? Because I make a souvenir photo book for my Czech family every summer I come to visit. The family doesn't take nearly as many photos as I do...I bet a lot of people don't if you want the they love to get these little gems in the mail from me. AND GUESS's just about that time for me to head back to the states.

Back on subject, ahem, you don't like to scrapbook? Well, neither do I. But I found this site called mixbook that makes it so easy to create these masterpieces. You can choose to create your own or do as I do and load photos into an existing template (digital scrapbook type of thing). I really only upload photos, drag them where I want them to go, and then I'm done. Mixbook does all the work, my CZ family gets all of the memories, and I get all of the credit. Easy peasy and the quality is fantastic.

To find out more about Mixbook, you can check them out on Facebook, twitter, or email subscribe. Hint: They often send out exclusive discount codes like 20% off your first order or free shipping (trust me free shipping to Europe saves me a bundle).

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, September 12, 2011

UKRAINE. Ikraine. Weallkraine...for at least a weekend

I had a free weekend and an invitation to visit I took it, naturally.

Things I will carry with me from Kiev:

Their letters are funny, but their bathrooms are even funnier.
(I'm a girl; I do NOT stand to use a toilet.)

*The girls are pretty and seem to have flawless skin. I mean no fine lines or wrinkles anywhere. It's probably because they never smile.
*The men are cute, but their Russian sounding accent and the nonchalant way they talk makes them seem shady.

*If you have the chance to take public transportation and aren't very religious, you might want to start praying. It's an adventure!
-The conductor who collects your money for a ticket is allowed to say rude things to you.
But you are allowed to be rude right back.
-Men will not offer their seat to an older woman. Heck, he might even push her out of his way to get the seat.
-You must yell at the driver if you want him to stop at a bus stop.
-The driver sometimes takes payment and gives change while driving.
-You don't necessarily have to be all the way in the bus or have the doors closed before the driver will pull away from a stop.
-If you get in his way, the driver WILL honk at you.
-There are many times the bus jerks as the driver is shifting gears or slams on the breaks because he isn't watching and almost hits something/someone.

*Ukrainian eggs aren't for eating, but borscht is good any time of the day.

*If you drive a car in the city, you are pretty much allowed to park anywhere you want
(yes, these cars are on the sidewalk and in a crosswalk) and you should learn the Ukrainian words for both "traffic jam" and "road rage."

*Be prepared to be WOWed by fantastic rooftops (which for some reason made me want to eat Hershey's kisses), grand statues, lots of gold, and beautiful panoramic views!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Remember a few years ago when I am pretty sure my Czech family thought I was crazy for cutting up my umbrella to make "bat wings" for halloween?!

Well, it's that time of year again! You don't have time to make a costume? Well, may I suggest looking at costumes at EdenFantasys.

WARNING: Other things besides costumes might pop up when you click the link so make sure you hide little eyes or don't click em at your mom's house. Fair enough.

Back on subject, ahem, I personally think this flapper costume is super cute and you can put a tshirt underneath if you think it's too risky for your church party in the gym.

Please give me your honest opinion... I am considering getting this one for myself:

It reminds me of the musical CATS and I am SO intrigued by Broadway shows right now (let me know if you want to plan a trip to NYC or London any time soon).

I also bought an old military hat in Germany that would go great with this army mini skirt.

You might be thinking "I'm not buying my costume from this online shop because I don't want anyone to know where I got it." Have no will come in a discreet box with NO huge return address labels. You can take advantage of $5.95 flat shipping or get free shipping on all orders over $59.

Want to win a $25 gift card to get your own costume? 
Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sometimes I think I'm funny. Really funny actually. But I'm guessing these store signs won't make you laugh as hard as I did.

First, I don't want to shop in any store called stress. There is also a HUSKY outdoor shop and never, I repeat never, do I want my name and the word husky to be used in the same sentence...even if it is just about the store I walked by one time.

This will be where I shop one day after I grab hot wife status.

This one gets me giggling every summer I come to visit. (And it was a snowbitch for me to get the words in this shot without me covering them...took a few tries.)

Friday, September 2, 2011


What do you do if you have a big wasp problem in the Czech Forest? Give them (pivo) beer.

So we put out containers with a beer mixture as a trap.

Who knew it'd work?!

I swear I even found a few tipsy pests flapping around outside the bucket...they must've grabbed a drink and escaped.

So next time you have a wasp/bee problem, give them beer...they love it and it'll get them to stop bothering you!