Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I was getting married tomorrow (and that's a pretty big if), I would have these Czech wedding cookies at the reception. I just ate them today on a whim and it was like heaven in my mouth (keep your thoughts clean, guys). 
I had the cream (not my fave), nut, and poppy seed varieties. OHMYGOSH. And they're pretty to look at as well.

Monday, August 27, 2012


The rain couldn't stop us from having one last weekend in the Czech forest this summer.
We rode scooters
 roasted a pig
 (*WARNING - standing next to roasting pigs may make your hips look 3x bigger than they really are)
 went bowling
 and rode some electric motorcycles
 The sign said it was only for kids ages 3-15...
 William was good to go...
 ...and I lied about my age

Good times in the Šumava.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Maybe this is the German version of Capri-Sun, but it brought a big smile to my face.
 Mostly because I didn't have to try to stab it with a horrible, little straw and spill it all over me.
The lid cap thingy is GENIUS!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


As soon as we finished the German castle park, we drove to Playmobil Fun Park in Zirndorf. TOTAL OPPOSITES. This park is very clean, crisp, and unbelievably pleasant for all ages.
Our room in the Playmobil Inn was fantastic. 
 great furniture
 fun decorations
 I had to share the bunk bed with William
I found this bonus on my pillow when we arrived
The architecture is beautiful

 The gardens are gorgeous
 super romantic (for a kiddie park) at night
 Some fun game on the terrace (cross between curling and shuffle board)
EVERY detail of the place was well thought out
 An indoor play area incase of bad weather
 stocked full

 bound to make every boy & girl happy

 outside random play areas

Don't forget the yummy snacks!
 And of course, the exit is only accessible through the gift shop
I couldn't get over how amazing this park is both for play and to the eye.
Every detail was perfect from the dishes at the yummy breakfast buffet, bathrooms, hotel rooms, gardens, to the playgrounds.
Kudos to the Germans on this one!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Schloss Thurn Ritterspiele

We went to a crazy German theme park called Schloss Thurn Ritterspiele
(don't ask me to translate that)
I thought it was a place all about knights and castles. However, it kinda was the strangest place because it had a little bit of every park I've ever been to.

castle entrance
western shows/ghost town
 train ride & space ride above our heads
 log ride

 jousting match/show
 strange animals/zoo

I'm not sure if it was intended to be a petting zoo (but some of the animals were close enough and this little guy was too cute)
little houses with creepy (small world type) talking, fairy tale characters
 random obstacle course
 bumper boats

 paddle boats (in a pond with a huge fountain we couldn't seem to steer clear from)

 magical swan ride
 one roller coaster

 one carnival type game
 and plenty of delicious treats
(oh how I love pretzel dogs!)

Kinda strange place, right?
Things they should change:
1. I know it's in Germany, but NOBODY speaks and NOTHING is written in English (you might get a few more foreign visitors if you change that)
2. all drinks are in heavy glass bottles (not kid friendly)
3. they only take cash and don't have an ATM around
4. That Dinolino theme song you play over the loudspeakers is annoying and made me want to punch Dinolino if I ever saw him