Monday, July 23, 2007


What is a kidney any way? A little bean-shaped thing located near the vertebral column at the small of the back. Say whaaa??? At least with a heart you can say I love you, with eyes you can say I see you, or with a knee you can say I kneed you. But with a kidney...I kidney you? Doesn't make sense. But he who casts the first stone wins in this case...plenty of pun intended.

Yes, I went to the Emergency Room after my mom picked me up at my apt at 4am Sunday morning (7/22/07) in excruciating pain. I thought it was just a cramp. Oh but when the nurse said she'd come back in the room with medicine for me and I told her "morphine would be nice" I knew it was a little bit more. I was supposed to attend a black & white bday cocktail party Saturday night but I got my own "shots" and my "gown" wasn't near as glamorous at THIS party.

So I am thankful to IKEA for medical insurance and for letting me call in sick because from 6am Sunday morning to 1pm Monday afternoon I think I had been awake a total of 8 hours. Yeah, I lasted about 20 seconds after the morphine shot and fell asleep sitting up. Wonderful!

So my new resolve? To treat my kidneys better! Be healthier! Unless anyone has a spare they wanna trade?

Thursday, July 19, 2007


7/19/07 Could I have had more fun in just one day?! I woke up and went to Alpine with Mike Hawker, Jordan, and Jessica Brothers to play at sliding rock and on the bike jump. The boys were in charge of getting the bike. They got a 10-speed. A little big. Then they forgot the fun-noodles to keep the bike afloat. So we tried to steal another bike at my apartment complex, but it wasn't gonna happen. So we headed up. hit the rock slide a few times and then moved to the bike jump. After only the 2nd run, Jordan let the bike sink to the bottom of the pond. So the girls went in and treaded water for like 30 minutes in search of the bike. I had my hands on it twice but couldn't hold my breath long enough to pull it all the way up. So the boys got in after their fears of disease in the stagnant water and snakes swam away and rescued the bike (which didn't belong to any of was borrowed). We went back to the slide to clean up and do a few train rides.
After that I met Patrice for some fun at the Utah County Fair. We chilled with Otis the turtle, ate some Real Utah Italian Ice (stained my mouth yellow...I'll never eat that again as long as I live), got some goodies from various booths set up, and pet some livestock.
Next, we headed to Andy's wedding reception at the Somewhere Inn Time reception center in Lindon where we had a blonde stalker follow us around the grounds. We then played with Josh B, attended various meetings, and watched for fireworks with rootbeer floats. Oh what a day! I love summer!

Monday, July 16, 2007


I met Tim and took Max, the twins, and Jacq to 7peaks water park. We played in the sun and had some $5 pizza. What could be better on a hot July day?! Well, then I promised them all snocones if they behaved well the next day. When I went to fulfill my bargain before heading off to work, NO SNOCONE SHACKS WERE OPEN. So we got ice cream cones at the Purple Turtle instead. Just as good.
Then I let Lauren stay at my apt in Provo and took her to IHOP at midnight for her first plate of stuffed french toast for her 14th birthday.
Love it being the favorite least I tell them I'm the favorite.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Living at Santa B this summer has been so much fun thus far.
Friday night we hiked up to Stewart Falls and played in the waterfall.
Saturday morning the ward went to Rock Canyon Park to have a flour fight and go down a ginormous slip n slide. Next, we headed to Alpine to sliding rock (natural rock waterslide) and the bike jump. We ended the night with a farewell BBQ and pinata for Austin and Frank who are moving away tomorrow.
Sunday I went to the new ward and received a calling (Pure Country Religion committee member or something...service committee basically), said bye to Frank and Austin again, and ended my 36 hours of pure bliss and NO WORK. woot woot.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


In three days I visited with some old friends, some new friends, and some just right in the middle.
7/5/07 Staci Pearson was in town from AZ so her sister Kara, Staci, and I all met in Lehi for my firts Cabela's experience. WOW! We saw camping/sporting goods galore, ate exotic meat, did some shooting ourselves, walked through the aquarium, and had an overall amazing time. I even got a squished penny there--my most favorite souvenir of all time.
7/6/07 After going to sevenpeaks with Tim's fam, I headed up to Ogden with Brandon and Nick to an engagement party for Jesse from AK. Whatever an "engagement party" is we had no idea, but it was a great reason to get together, meet Jesse's soon-to-be-bride, and Eat at Joe's.
7/7/07 Hannah had a wonderful idea to tube the Provo River this morning before going to work. We went to the Discount Tire store but they were all out of tubes so we headed to Wal*Mart and bought a swanky seahorse to float on. After filling it up at the Chevron across the street in our bathing suits, we headed up and then down the Provo River. Getting the seahorse in the car was a sight for all to see!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I decided last night that the 4th of July is my second favorite holiday. I live in such a great country! Full of freedom to choose/act, watermelon, parades, fireworks, flags raised with pride (the good kind), and wonderful people. I realized I have the best friends and the family in the country and we're in the best country in the world.
Only in America...and Provo...was I able to enjoy the ultimate July 4 ward activity of the year with Tim & Shauna's neighborhood (with dinner, a parade, otter pops, fireworks, and an amazing picture slideshow), stay up all night on University Ave with the entire city (while enjoying scooter rides at Rock Canyon Park, guitar hero, and a free bbq), attend the Stadium of Fire (free tickets full of Brooks & Dunn, dancin kids, and fire works!), light off fireworks with people at Santa B, enjoy a great view of the city in my big rocking chair, and then fall asleep dreamin of red, white, and blue.
Thank you to everyone who helps keep our country free.
Happy Birthday America!