Monday, July 16, 2007


I met Tim and took Max, the twins, and Jacq to 7peaks water park. We played in the sun and had some $5 pizza. What could be better on a hot July day?! Well, then I promised them all snocones if they behaved well the next day. When I went to fulfill my bargain before heading off to work, NO SNOCONE SHACKS WERE OPEN. So we got ice cream cones at the Purple Turtle instead. Just as good.
Then I let Lauren stay at my apt in Provo and took her to IHOP at midnight for her first plate of stuffed french toast for her 14th birthday.
Love it being the favorite least I tell them I'm the favorite.


Shauna said...

Deanna you are such a super helper! The little ones loved the water park and the ice cream but they still think they are getting sno-cones... you don't get off the hook that easy. :)