Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last Saturday, I learned cell phones CAN and WILL flush down the toilet. Enough said. So if you have my digits and want me to have yours, go ahead and text my celltron with your name and I'll save it. If you don't want me to have your number any more and didn't know how to tell me, then you're off the hook...your worries are now flushed and swimming with the fishies.

PS This blast from the past song came to my mind immediately following the event.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Dear Cap'n (of the crunch variety),
As with most boys, it seems I have developed a love/hate relationship with you. I love to eat your cereal in the morning, but hate how it scratches the roof of my mouth. Will we stand the test of time and remain together til empty bag do us part or will I need to move on down the aisle to another, more gentler variety?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On Monday, my new Jersey welder friend Matt and I went to Oklahoma City to see some new sights. After passing many tolls, plenty of Cowboy museums, and fighting the wind yet once again we made it to OKC.

1st stop: the OKC bombing memorial. Mental note to self-if you try to take a photo on self timer and the day is super windy, the camera may have a sticker that says it's shock proof up to 4ft but the marble on the ground WILL crack it and Olympus will NOT fix it after it's blown off the hand rail.

2nd stop: Pops. It's essentially a gas station with 259 varieties of soda pop in a bottle, a small diner where they put egg on a BLT and fizz up your cup with Round Barn Root Beer only available there in Arcadia, a ginormous soda bottle outside that lights up and changes color at night, and an amazing million dollar awning. Oh and they had cool handles on the sink and toilet in the bathroom.

3rd stop:Pole Position Raceway (or P2R for us VIP members). After I realized we weren't playing bumper cars, I'm pleased to say we made top 12 fastest times for the week.

4th stop:The Haunted House Restaurant. I didn't see any ghosts but the cold temp, 192 year old hostess, creaking doors, spooky music from the iPhone, and hauntingly delicious food made for a frightfully good time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I totally took a photo with Hot Rod and the Easter Bunny. My name is deanna and...I like to party!

PS If you haven't seen the movie Hot Rod, well I'd have to say you used to be legit. You were too legit. You were too legit to quit. but now you're not legit. you're unlegit. And for that reason, you must quit.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We piled into the suburban to go to what we thought was just your average Easter egg hunt at the local Methodist Church. But, alas, we were fooled into a 2 hour eggstravaganza where I left with scriptures on silver coins and these jumping Jesus, Mary, and dove toys (THE best prizes from the egg hunt in my opinion). Gotta love Easter in the Bible Belt!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last month, I mailed a greeting card with a gift card inside home to my dad. As I stepped up to the counter at the post office/bank/dry cleaner (all in one location...don't ask), I inquired about the helpful clerk's button she was wearing on her shirt. She giggled in excitement that I noticed and told me the meaning of it. Great. Then she gladly set my envelope aside to hand stamp it and charged me $0.42 for the stamp along with the price of some post card stamps I also needed to purchase.

Today, after having a great morning of finding a gem of a book at the local used book store (it's called The Dot and the Line: a Romance in Lower Mathematics by Norton Juster) for only 25 cents, eating a salad with some super yummy poppy seed dressing, and being oh-so-happy about the lack of wind this afternoon, I started to get annoyed by the construction traffic and horrible drivers in Tulsa. My bad. But the last stop on my errand list was the post office and then I was off the road.

Keep in mind, I was at the same post office, mailing the same contents (happy birthday Brother Darren this time), and in line with the same clerk at the counter. The only difference was I didn't ask about her just as equally tacky button on her shirt today and questioned her when she wanted to charge me $0.62 for a normal sized, first-class weight envelope because she couldn't run it through her machine...which meant she would hand stamp it (which wasn't a problem last time). What the heck?! Just goes to show both your attitude and the clerks at the counter can effect the whole transaction. Beast.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My new favorite place in Tulsa: 21st and Riverside. There is a park with ducks, playgrounds, and a machine that lets you borrow a bike (as long as you return it within 24 hours) for free to ride down the path along the river. I felt like I was in California only with less beach and more wind.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I desperately needed a hair cut this day so I turned down 81st and looked for my local hair salons. I went into one place that said they do family cuts for men, women and children starting at $10.95/ cut. When I walked in, the lady said it was $40.95 for women for a wash, cut, and style. However, they don't really have many women customers so they don't really style it (just a blow dry) because they don't have any brushes in the place. OK SO I thanked her for her time and walked out.

Next stop, a place that actually had salon in the name. They wanted to charge me $35 for just a cut. "Do you blow dry it or do I leave sopping wet?" was my question. $25 more for that and then extra for a style.

With a few other stops in between, I finally gave up and walked into the next salon I saw and let my sista stylist do her work. I instructed her not to cut it too much no matter what I told her (because I love to notice a difference when I get it cut but I'm trying to grow it out). When I left, my hair was slightly above my shoulders making it a little bit shorter than planned...I guess I was April fooled.