Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Things I am obsessed with in 2018 already are buffalo plaid, blankets, and boots.
Those things all go so well together in Winter, especially for us here in Utah. We have blankets, but children often throw or drag them on the floor. While that might save you some time from dusting, it doesn't make your blankets look so hot.
I discovered a small company with a super cute product called Pajanket. It is a fully-mobile, no drag, wearable blanket. When I saw they had a few in my favorite pattern, I couldn't resist trying them out. They also sell a few solid colors (for both boys and girls) if you aren't into the plaid.
 These blankets are designed for your littles to wear (sizes ranging in 4-11 yrs of age) without dragging on the ground. There are adorable little foot and arm holes that allow them to still move around freely.

Pajankets have a zipper in the front to allow the kiddies to climb in and get cozy. Kids can also tuck their and arms inside the blanket for added warmth.
 If these aren't the best idea ever, then I don't know what is. They are perfect for lazy Saturdays, when you watch movies together, or pretty much any time.
These blankets are cute, comfortable, and made right here in the USA.
Use code Pajanket35%OFF at checkout when you shop for a 35% discount.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018


My friend Rachel called me up this morning to join her on a spontaneous trip to Hardware Ranch.
 When you reach the area in Hyrum, UT, you can go to the visitor's center for a great view from inside with the all glass front room and magnifying viewer.
 Tickets are for sale for a wagon ride to check out the Rocky Mountain Elk in the area. The elk come to this part of Utah in the winter when the snow pushes them to lower ground. They are migrating in search of food.
This Wildlife Area grows it's own grass hay each summer to feed these animals.
 Tickets for the wagon rides are priced at $5 for adults and $3 for children over the age of three.
You ride out in between these animals. They don't budge much when the wagons go by them. 
 This area estimates that 500-600 elk come into this area each year. 
This experience is super cool for those who love wildlife and the outdoors.
 You don't have to ride the wagon, but I would recommend it.
 Check their website for visiting days and hours and how to plan your trip.