Friday, February 29, 2008


I received a few flowers this month and I love them! They look and smell so pretty. The only problem I have is I appreciate them so much that I can't bear to throw them away. So I usually keep flowers until they are dry and moldy and most likely hazardous to my and those around me's health (those around me's??? that's gotta be correct because it sounds so good). Eventually someone else throws them out because they're tired of finding dead petals on the floor and can't stand the hideous smell the flowers are now emitting.
So I offer the alternative of digital cameras and laptops if you want to buy me things. Which leads to my next point...not enough people buy me things.

Monday, February 25, 2008


The sound on my computer has been broken for the last week or so and it has made me really appreciate my sense of hearing. If I couldn't hear I would have missed out on hearing the free donut chant and dance my nephews and niece did after I gave them their Krispy Kreme valentines (check em out here),

our roommate Danny Wilson play at an amazing birthday party with his band Moneypenny,

mingling with new friends and mixed tapes and masterpieces up in the Cottonwood Heights,

Walking into the airport at the same speed as the guy next to me who was on the moving sidewalk while the Bryan Adams song Everything I Do, I Do it For You was playing elevator style wondering if this meant he was my soulmate. Then realizing that whole scenerio was ridiculously disgusting.

Friday, February 22, 2008


What could a better day at work include besides sweet pow falling, snowboarding, and then a free lunch?! And I was getting paid for it all.
Makes me want to board more.
I'm ashamed to say I didn't make it up on the slopes once last season and this was my first time this year. Time for some make up work to the snow gods. Pray for a long season.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


As I was going through the airport security today dropping a student off for work, the TSA guy took my passport, looked at the photo, stamped my escort pass, and made the comment "I liked you better as a brunette." To which I quickly took my passport back and replied, "I liked you better when you kept your opinion to yourself."
Who says that?!
It's like a cop pulling someone over on the road, looking at their license, and saying "Gee, this says you weigh 115 pounds but we both know that's not accurate now, is it."
Sometimes inside thoughts are meant to stay inside.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I saw this Saturn commercial and it made me rethink the awesome things in life. Way to go on a rockin commerical. Here are my favorite things of the week:

My twin nephews had a 4 year old transformer birthday party. When I asked them whose party it was they both replied "ours" instead of "mine".

A little ironic to me...there was a 100 year old man working the express lane at Target.

My friend Shane hates Valentine's Day. After being told to buck up and be a good sport about it while at work, he disappeears for a few minutes to the back stock room, then returns pointing to a heart-shaped paper cut out taped to his shirt exclaiming, "I HAVE A HEART ON!" for everyone in the store to hear. GO ahead and say that phrase outloud to yourself if you didn't understand that laugh already.

Teaching my niece how to make fish faces and then asking for fish tacos from the cafe at an aquarium.

Witnessing the difference in cookies baked in the oven of friendship vs cookies baked in the oven of competition and contention. Aww geez this batch sucked. Jenny Baum & Deandra:1, Dads:0, cookie dough:2

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


After borrowing a car from his local neighborhood player, my friend Sean (straight from Maine) and I went out on a scavenger hunt to celebrate his first trip to the Provo/Orem area.

The first timer and I headed down State Street and directly to Krispy Kreme where he witnessed the awe of the donut conveyer belt. Being very careful not to get glaze in his moustache, he quickly munched on 2 free samples of the original glazed and 2 variety donuts and washed it down with a chug of 2%. The hungry fella curbed his sweet tooth all day just for this pit stop. While at the Krispy Kreme, we snapped some photos on our scavenger hunt list: with a b-day girl, eating a donut, and with a BYU student.

Getting onto the University Parkway and later Avenue, we continued our tour of Provo by passing the University and Provo Towne Centre malls, Movies 8 (home of 50 cent Tuesdays), the Provo temple, Rocky Canyon and it's park, the MTC (not empty sea), the BYU, UVSC, Wal-mart on Sandhill Road (perfect for late night student flirting), Neilson's Grove (where we rode the giant swing), Trafalga (ghetto putt putt), Geneva Steel (plug your nose), and the list/excitement goes on...

Our last stop was the Watson boarding house for some soup, a few more donuts, roommate time, and a movie.
Welcome to Provo Sean.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Saturday night, I was sent an invitation from my buddy Dan to attend a murder mystery dinner party hosted by our old friends Joe and Brenna Kennedy. Never done one of these before.
Here's the plot: Guiseppe(Pepi)Roni served up a mean plate of pasta until someone did him in. Now there's big trouble in Little Italy because 4 days ago he was found murdered in the kitchen of his renowned New York City eatery, La Sperenza. Pepi had been shot in the back with his own pistol. We gathered together to pay our respects and eat a feast of Italian food in his honor.

We were all instructed to dress up and play the roles of the devious suspects:

Rocco Scarfazzi: Pepi's twin brother, a tough-talking no-nonsense Italian business man. In addition to his vineyards and real estate holdings, it is rumored Rocco is in the 'laundering' business. He had no love for his brother Pepi but his reasons are his own ... capische?
Tara Misu: Rocco's vivacious young fiancé. She was just an upstairs maid in Rocco's villa until she swept him off his feet. Now Tara keeps a smile on his face and a firm grip on Rocco's assets. Tara is dressed to kill. She knows the effect she has on men and flaunts her charms shamelessly.

Mama Rosa: Pepi's grieving widow. For 25 years, Mama Rosa cooked the pasta while Pepi greeted La Sperenza's dinner guests. In all the years they were married, not once did they argue. Had something finally boiled over in Rosa's kitchen?
Marco Roni: Pepi and Mama Rosa's only son, Marco was expected to take over the restaurant after his parents retired. Marco hates waiting tables. His goal is to play on a World Cup soccer team but his papa has been keeping him permanently on the bench.

Bo Jalais: Cousin of a cousin of Rocco's, Bo manages the Scarfazzi vineyards. Bo comes from a long line of French wine-makers and no one knows 'ze' grape like Bo. An important man in the Scarfazzi organization .... what could Bo possibly have to whine about.
Angel Roni: Pepi and Rosa's beautiful daughter. It was Pepi's dream that his 'Angel' would marry a good Italian boy, have children and carry on the family traditions. Angel has a few fantasies of her own though and one of them is that hunk, Bo jalais. Mama-mia!

Father Al Fredo: An Italian priest and long-time family friend of the Roni's and the Scarfazzi's. The good priest has heard their confessions and knows their sins.
Clair Voyant: Rosa's best friend and astrology advisor. Clair's talents include an ability to communicate with the spirit world and see into the future.

Who done it? I cannot tell you. But I will say it was a blast to play. My character was Tara Misu. I had an affair with my fiance's twin brother, a rendevous with Bo at the restaurant, and an alibi the night of the murder with an old boyfriend. Everyone at the table said I was the perfect person to play that part...didn't know if I should say thank you or question them on the role of the flousy. Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu.

Friday, February 8, 2008


In honor of Valentine's Day, LOVE, and all that shiz...

BOYS: Take notes from these dudes
GIRLS: Find these guys and don't ever let them go

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Brian, an old country dancing friend, invited me to go with him to Kingsbury Hall last night to enjoy an evening of Riverdance. It was a spectacular show filled with a live band, singers, flamenco soloist, tappers, drummers, russian ballet dancers, and of course the riverdancers.

While performers were on stage, they would start clapping encouraging the audience to clap along. Great...that's fun...get involved in the show and feel the energy. Most of the old people would continue to clap for the entire piece even after the majority of the audience and performers have stopped and they would start clapping in the middle of a performance. Now I know sometimes there is a break after a person is dancing and doing something extraordinary so the audience can clap, but these people were going crazy and clapping so much that they were ruining the purpose of listening to the stomps on the floor of the dance (that sound is what makes you realize they are moving so incredibly fast). Or some audience members were clapping during the solo making it so I couldn't hear the jamming. HELLO--you're kind of ruining the show. There is a time to clap and a time to listen. Please be wise in choosing when is the appropriate time for each.
PS this show made me miss Ireland. sigh.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


To end my Sundance experience I went to a Best of Fest film in SLC Monday (thanks again Jimmy for the tickets), finally hung out with Sean at the Porcupine (weed smell and Ebay lessons included for free), and went to a comedy show at Wiseguys in West Valley where my new friend Brian from the newfrontier performed a bit. Check out his stuff at

The headliner of the comedy show that night was Jeff Dye, a ridiculously good looking seacocks fan from Seattle, WA. Listen to him...he's funny and stuff. We searched fields for clovers, sipped Starbucks, shopped for manly hair product, and celebrated black history month/Kwanzaa with black movie night together.
In between the fun, I went with Brady to Shoots for Chinese burritos (good gosh those are delicious) and my second round of PS I Love You. Made me miss Ireland, but I've received news that some English lads might come visit soon.
The point of this blog...I'm not sure...I just had a good week. Click on the links and listen to the funny boys.