Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oral7 Challenge

Have you ever experienced dry mouth at night while sleeping. It is a horrible feeling, am I right?!
Sometimes this happens to me and I wake up and drink a ton of water to try to make it better.

Maybe you didn't know that saliva is super important in our overall health. It helps with eating, swallowing and digesting. Without the proper amount of saliva our mouths can feel dry, we can have chapped lips, and (the worst) we might have really bad breath. If this happens, you can have trouble speaking, difficulty swallowing, altered taste, oral problems that you'll have to see a dental professional to fix, and more.
Want to hear about products that have helped my household with dry mouth problems? These Oral care products from Oral7 have been great for me. They don't contain any harsh ingredients or alcohol, they help soothe/moisturize my mouth, relieve dry mouth symptoms, freshen breath, and makes my mouth feel so clean.
I have found that these products are safe and easy to use daily for the entire family.
I want to challenge you to find out if you have a dry mouth problem.
Click HERE to learn more about Oral7!

Monday, June 20, 2016


The first day of summer is approaching and what makes my heart smile this time of year?
(Well, besides parades, lakes, and vacationing) It is baseball and fireworks!
My friend Joe Keller and I headed to the ballpark for a great night with the Salt Lake Bees.
 The view in the park is fabulous.
 It looks even better closer up.
I scored a great souvenir helmet to help Day-Z be a fan too.


It's almost summer and the perfect time to visit the zoo.
 I grabbed my friend Rachel along with her baby Claire and we headed to Hogle Zoo in SLC.
We were able to see 3 new baby lion cubs wrestle,
a family of orangutans play,
 large elephants eat,
 sea lions swim,
and some hilarious otters do this:
This is my favorite part of the zoo (it took me a bit to appreciate them).
"People forget the good that zoos do. If it weren't for zoos, we would have so many species that would be extinct today."
-Betty White


Pleasant Grove city's Strawberry Days is the longest continually running event in Utah. 
It is full of rodeos, carnival rides, fireworks, parades, and, of course...
I grabbed a few friends and joined other Summer festival lovers for a night of fun!
 Giddy up, Utah!


What is the first thing you think of when I mention Idaho? Well, I'm here to tell you this state has more than just good potatoes.
Well, at least in Boise. It is a super charming city for me.
It might be because it is so artsy.
 I'm a sucker for cool street art.

Even the electrical boxes around town are decorated.

Apparently, it is the birthplace of Albertson's Supermarkets.
It is also the home of some super yummy food (featured on the television show Man vs Food). 
The Flying Pie Pizzeria might be THE best pizza I have ever had.
The city also hosts a fun farmer's market every Saturday starting in April
where you can buy awesome local food and goods.
Plan a trip to Boise if you haven't already been and walk around the super fun city.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


There is one time I was in Sand Diego and went to a super hippy gelato shop. They had a vanilla charcoal flavor that tasted so good I wanted two scoops. Turns out I learned charcoal is great at helping you have a healthy digestion and detoxing. Yeah.
I was given the opportunity to try some raw activated charcoal powder by Moody Zook. Charcoal can also be used as a face mask to clean your pores, to remove stains from your teeth, and promote healthy gums.
It looks a little crazy because it is a super dark black powder, but don't be afraid. This powder is awesome. It's charcoal, but that doesn't mean you should go grab a briquette off the grill in the backyard.
I was given the opportunity to purchase this item at a discounted price in return for my honest opinion.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Sometimes you learn your BFF from high school has moved closer to you and you get to go visit her and her cute little family.
Sometimes that meeting includes the world's largest hamburger (don't actually check the record books and quote me on this one) at Famous Jud's in Boise.
Then you go to the local nature center and let her children take about 179 photos of flowers 
 and bugs with your cell phone camera.

 and then you end the whole trip with a photo with giant antlers. 
Now that is true friendship. Love you, Danae.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Remember how I recently posted that more babies are born in the month of August than any other month? It's still true. So that means lady readers might be invited to some baby showers in the coming months. What do you buy as a present? Here are some ideas:
#1 Baby Gift Set - Plush Chihuahua
So you were invited to a party and you don't have time to shop and wrap a gift (or you just need a totally cute, hassle-free present full of baby shower items). Well, this is your solution. This baby set includes a plush and snuggle webkinz dog, yellow terrycloth baby bib (with "Mommy's little Angel" embroidered on it), and a yellow and white 30"x30" plush baby blanket and it comes with a green gift bag (with a picture of an expecting mother wearing a pink dress on the bag and matching attached card) and yellow tissue paper. #babyshoweritems

#2 Mamaway Baby Sling

The Mamaway ring sling is an all-around baby carrier that is perfect for your newborn babe. It is made of 100% cotton fabric that provides full support once tightened. You can position your baby whichever way is most comfortable or convenient: upright or lying down, in front, on your hip or behind your back so you can have hands-free cuddles or be able to do things while keeping your baby close. This can also be used to cover baby for feeding so mama and baby can bond with some privacy. It weighs 14.4 oz and is machine washable so it is super easy to care for this product. It is also easy to store in it's own little attached pocket. You will be so happy with this purchase.
Follow them on Facebook or twitter. #Mamaway

#3 Berlando Baby Blanket

This blanket is perfect for baby boy. It comes in a blue, grey, and white chevron print on one side and plain white on the other. It is 32x26 inches and is made of 100% microfiber polyester. Every baby needs a good pinky blanket to use in the stroller, to swaddle, cuddle, use when travel, or just carry everywhere. This is super high quality, soft, and snuggly. (I secretly want one in my size). It is also machine washable!! #berlando

#4 Baby Car Seat Cover & Bandana Drool Bib Gift Set

This car seat cover is super stylish. It is stretchy and fits most carseat and even be used as a nursing, shopping cart,and high chair covers. You can protect baby from the weather or just have a little privacy. It comes with a drawstring carrying bag and a bonus set of bandana style drool bibs. The bibs are made of 100% soft cotton and are adjustable (with snaps) to fit a neck circumstance from 35 cm to 40 cm. It comes in super cute packaging that is ready to be given as a gift. 

#5 Pack N Play Placard Sheets

This crib sheet set from Ziggy Baby is made from 100% jersey knit and so soft and cuddly. Since they are jersey knit, they are lightweight and breathable as well. The sheets fit a standard play-yard mat or mattress up to 4 inches. They have deep 5" pockets for a secure fit (the official measurements are 24 x 38 x 5 inches). You get two sheets with your purchase so you have a back up when one is dirty. If one does get dirty (baby accidents do happen), they are machine washable so clean up is simple. They are gender neutral in grey and white and come in cute polka dot and chevron designs. In my opinion, they are simple yet stylish. The Ziggy Baby company offers a fabulous satisfaction guarantee if you aren't satisfied with your purchase (but I am sure you will be) and I love a company that gives great customer support. #ziggybaby

#6 The BEST Baby Sling Carrier

This baby sling carrier can be worn on both the front and back (as baby gets bigger - up to 35 lbs). It has a cute floral embroidered pattern on the front that is stylish and unisex pattern. It has padded straps similar to a backpack that makes it comfortable to wear. It is made of cotton so it is machine washable and cozy for baby to sit in it. It is extremely stable when baby is inside when it is tied around. Baby-wearing is super important for bonding with baby and parent.

#7 Revelae Kids Cozy Blanket Pouches

If you have a wiggly sleeper, then this pouch from #RevelaeKids is for you! This is like a cuddly (100% soft polyester) baby blanket made into a pouch. It has a elastic to stay on baby with plenty of room for baby to still move their legs. The purpose of this pouch is to make sure baby stays warm and comfortable during their naps. It is super cozy and fabulous. I wish I could order one in my size! It comes in a few sizes and colors. 

This bundle is perfect. It comes in a nice box with:
1. Yes baby car mirror - made with shatter proof glass, a secure strap system to hold it in place, convex mirror, and pivot joint that let's you angle it so you can have a perfect view of baby in the back seat.
2. Cute pink baby fork and spoon set. They are made of silicone and have a unique color changing technology that changes with the food's temperature.
3. Reflective "Baby on Board" sign that sticks with a suction cup to the car window. 
4. Access to a digital guide (The Aftermath of Acid vs Alkaline - PH - The Ignored Secret to Your Baby's Health!).
5. 5 year 100% satisfaction warranty on the mirror. I love when a company will back their products and ensure quality! #YesBaby
These items were offered at a discounted price in return for my honest opinion.