Saturday, June 30, 2007


So the other day I was driving around town and realized it's summer. I mean, snocone shacks are out, bathing suits are on, tan lines are appearing...and then I realized I need to work less and play more. I have my whole life to work so I decided to enjoy it.

6/23/07 First, I hit up the Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove. My friend Jeff and I put on our boots to watch some bull ridin, calf ropin, and barrel racin and then ate strawberry milkshakes.

6/25/07 Next, my friend Jonny and I decided Hawaii was a little too far away so we headed up to Grantsville, UT to the Bonneville Seabase for some snorkeling. Who'd have thought you could see tropical fish in UTAH?! Well, we didn't see very many but we had plenty of fun in the freshwater shower after and writing our names with rocks on the salt flats on the side of the road.

A little water fight couldn't hurt anybody so I headed to one of the Watson households and aunt nana got hosed and bombarded by balloons.

Jenny Baum was in town so we grabbed Danny Wilson and hiked the to the Y where we enjoyed a great view of the city lights.

6/30/07 To finish off the week, I headed to SLC to the Desert Star theater for a girls night out to celebrate Jessica's bday. As an added bonus, Staci was in town from AZ and joined us.

Hey summer, where ya been? Now that I've found you...I'm ready for you!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Two thoughts for the day before I go off to work for the man...
#1 Last night I went to the gym pretty late at night -- a little after 1am. As I was about to leave, my new friend on the graveyard shift who doesn't even scan my card anymore because we're cool like that commented, "I've noticed you work your legs a lot when you come. You wouldn't have to if you wore high heels." I asked if he's ever tried to wear high heels himself implying it's not an easy task and then told him I don't have time to wear heels anyway. I then ended up staying there listening to him talk about how it is to live in Provo as a black man and how the police are always after him. BUT this made me think...maybe I should wear high heels when I exercise. I'm doin it tonight!
#2 While riding the bike at the gym I saw an infomercial for the Magic Knife III and thought 'Do people really watch these things on TV and order this junk?!' But after watching the ad for over 40 minutes and seeing all the things it can cut through (aluminum cans, rubber shoes, particle board...and then still slice so nicely through a hot loaf of bread or a tomato) I seriously wanted them. And if I would've ordered right then I would've got a whole second set free both for only 1 low payment of $39.99. That's right I could keep the second set for myself or give it away as a gift. Oh the money I could waste...I'm taking movies to the gym from now on.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Everybody needs to call in sick to work sometimes and yesterday happened to be the day for me. (Hope this doesn't fall into the wrong hands). I just needed some sunshine in my soul today and I got it. I started out with some slip n sliding and a BBQ with the people of the UAC. A giant tarp, bottle of dish soap, borrowed hose from a neighbor, and a bunch of college-aged kids was enough to get us kicked out of the park after an hour of fun. Next, I went to Park City with my friend Jonny and I enjoyed my first real French fine dining experience full of bubbly water, snails, lamb, little onions, and duck. It was amazing! We played a little hockey and table tennis then headed back to Provo. Oh what a day!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


My friend Michelle called and offered me the opportunity to be an extra in a film today at the Velour, a venue in Provo where local bands play. So my buddy Danny Wilson and I put on our costumes (hot cop and renaissance girl), ate lots of food in the dressing room, hung out with the small Asian actor from the tv series Heroes, and pretty much became famous. Look for the film White on Rice and yours truly to be on screen during a concert scene.
PS They were about to ask me to do a speaking part and cut the main actress but they'd already filmed so much they couldn't afford me...I'm so glamorous.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Look what you've done Shauna...I've signed up for another internet communication thing. Great! But it seems fun and might help with MY poor journaling skills.

Here is your deanna time for the day:

I hate to say goodbye because I feel like it seems so permanent. So today I love the words from a song called You and I Both by Jason Mraz. It says: And it's ok if you had to go away. Oh just remember the telephones well they work at em both ways. But if I never ever hear them ring, if nothing else I'll think the bells inside have finally found you someone else and that's ok. Cuz I'll remember everything you sang. Cuz you and I both loved what you and I spoke of...