Sunday, June 24, 2007


Everybody needs to call in sick to work sometimes and yesterday happened to be the day for me. (Hope this doesn't fall into the wrong hands). I just needed some sunshine in my soul today and I got it. I started out with some slip n sliding and a BBQ with the people of the UAC. A giant tarp, bottle of dish soap, borrowed hose from a neighbor, and a bunch of college-aged kids was enough to get us kicked out of the park after an hour of fun. Next, I went to Park City with my friend Jonny and I enjoyed my first real French fine dining experience full of bubbly water, snails, lamb, little onions, and duck. It was amazing! We played a little hockey and table tennis then headed back to Provo. Oh what a day!


Shauna said...

How fun?!?! You kiddo's are so fun! Do mommys get a sick day??

Shauna said...

PS. You're HOT!