Friday, December 28, 2007


...That's how they say it in Irish.
Christmas at the Watson's in the states 2007. It was full of snow, zoo lights, presents, family, far away friends, egg nog, gingerbread houses, city lights, and fun.

Monday, December 17, 2007


One month later and I'm back in the states from my holiday with Jenny Baum. Europe is amazing but I must say God Bless the USA! Short recap...

IRELAND: Lots of time in the pubs, sausage, castles, trying to go to the American Embassy on Thanksgiving in hopes of a turkey meal but being turned away because it was closed due to the American holiday so we ate Mexican porkchops instead, pineapple juice and redbull, 33 1/3 (said tirty tree and a turd), my face exploding to the size of a soccer ball, Irish family, driving on the wrong side of car and road (hard to shift gears), taxis, Guinness, dirty humor (lifts vs rides), stopping traffic to photograph ourselves walking in the crosswalk at Abbey Road...several times, Grandma & Donald, and hot firefighters on Grafton Street.

LONDON: amazing English accents (I'm smitten), rain, Big Ben, Days Inn hotels, Underground and minding the gap, fish & chips, more rain, 1 pound= $2, tea, theater, meeting our American friend, stealing towels from Buckingham Palace, telephone booths, the Queen, A to Zed books, Bee movie premiere with Jerry Seinfeld, SPICE GIRLS returning, Sherlock Holmes ale, and sneaking photos in the National Gallery.

PARIS: not having a place to sleep in London so we rode the coach for 8 hours through the night spent the day in Paris then slept on the coach the next night, Louvre closed, trying to order food at McDonald's in French (c'est tout ce que j'aime), Notre Dame, baguettes, Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, and Ed Hardy.

SAN FRANCISCO: family in Modesto, visit to Tracy, In N Out, nachos with the fam, jingle dog, 5th grade crush, delivering Christmas gifts to dental offices, TV, real showers, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, sourdough bread, Lombard Street, HOJO with breakfast on Deanna but not ON deanna, sea lions, See's Candies, and drive through convenience stores in San Bruno.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Since I'm leaving for Ireland in two days for a whole month and won't be able to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday (what kind of a country doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving?!), I decided to post things I'm thankful for.
These are a few of my favorite things:


Thursday, November 8, 2007


I was able to say goodbye to my sweet grandmother last night before her leaving this earthly experience early this morning.

In a talk by Thomas S. Monson he says, "Frequently death comes as an intruder. It is an enemy that suddenly appears in the midst of life’s feast, putting out its lights and gaiety. Death lays its heavy hand upon those dear to us and at times leaves us baffled and wondering. In certain situations, as in great suffering and illness, death comes as an angel of mercy. But for the most part, we think of it as the enemy of human happiness." (“Now Is the Time,” Liahona, Jan 2002.)

The last time I stopped by to visit with my grandma after work, I sat by her armchair and we talked about the many things she has experienced in her life. I asked her what made her fall in love with my grandpa and she replied, "Just Grandpa!" It was the sweetest answer I think I have ever heard on love. I know she was ready to be reunited with her eternal companion.

I am humbled by the expectancy of death, the uncertainty of life, and the power and love of my Heavenly Father. Sadness comes in the loss of a loved one. But there is gratitude also—gratitude for the assurance I have that life is eternal. Yes, life IS eternal; death is not the end.

Because life is so fragile and death so inevitable, we must make the most of each day. We must say please and thank you, forgive and be willing to be forgiven, forget ourselves while serving others, try and then maybe even try again, we must be willing to swing away when we step up to bat/dance when we hear music playing/love like we have nothing to lose, laugh with others and sometimes at ourselves, and just be the best we can! I've learned time is way too precious to be mad, hold grudges, or wonder what might have been...and I think it causes horrible wrinkles.

Grandma Watson, while I will miss you here on Earth, I know if I live a worthy life, I will see you and Grandpa Watson again. We can hug and sit on a magical armchair in heaven where we can share more life stories with each other. I love you.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Carving pumpkins, watching Garfield's Halloween Adventure, going to haunted houses, dressing up, partying in parking lots and Hollywood Houses, spooky family parties...what could make Halloween any better?! Besides candy, candy, candy...

Friday, October 26, 2007


Pulling weeds was considered a punishment when I little. It still is...even if your friends are there with you.
So I've always wanted to rake up a pile of leaves and jump in it. I think I waited until too late in the season because this is how big my pile was. Wasn't the softest landing but I can check that one off the list.
Oh yard work, how I loathe thee...


Saturday, October 20, 2007


What's better than football? Football in the snow. Oh wait, football in the snow with my brother and friends. NO! Football in the snow, with my brother and friends, using free tickets, and BYU actually wins. Go Cougs! nuff said.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I set out to Cali on 10/2/07. Hung out with Aunt Linda and cousins in Temecula for a week. Headed to Vegas to drop something off but didn't make it in time so I decided to come back since I was halfway to Utah 10/9/07.
TRIP HIGHLIGHTS: San Diego temple, Sydney White movie, good Mexican food, feeding animals, riding the rhino with Ed, picking blood oranges, charity event fun, Newport Beach, Bruegger's Bagels, the same 3 CDs, Misty & Jonny, and a text that said "U r awesome but..."

Stayed in Utah for a night. Happy bday party for Dave Iba at Happy Sumo with Lindsey Lohan and a football game. Then off to Cali again with Patrice and Nicole 10/11/07.

TRIP 2 HIGHLIGHTS: great gas stations along the way, Freemont Street experience with Josh and Liz, marathon expo prizes, being in random people's photos, David Rampton/House of Blues/Downtown Disney, Patrice's brother's football game, riding in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and handing out weiner whistles, stalker boyfriend, making the Long Beach newspaper, and losing the car for 5 hours then driving home at 1am with the same 3 CDs again 10/14/07.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


My name is deanna and I'm an addict.
That's right...I'm addicted to 2-for-1 Saturday at the Utah College of Massage Therapy. I've gone 2 weeks in a row now and I wouldn't mind going EVERY week for the REST of my life if the massage therapists are as good as Mike and Kevin were to me. That's right--deanna's ideal date is a 2-for-1 and ice cream (or pasta...thanks Nathan).

I posted this as a note on facebook Thursday, June 7, 2007...but I don't know if anybody reads those notes so I wanted to put it up here:

“It is the magic of a touch, the power of a hug . . . that make life joyful.”

I recently have learned how extremely powerful a touch can be. IKEA offered free 15 minute massages for all employees the first week of it's grand opening and I quickly signed up each morning for my spot. It was wonderful! As I sat there taking the relaxation in, I realized the power of a touch. How could this massage heal my aches and pains giving me energy to be willing to finish my shift? Then it came to me...touch! That's how healing began.

Think about how often Jesus heals by touching – or by someone touching him, specifically the hem of his garment. Jesus reaches out to touch a leper and cleanses him. At other times, Jesus rubs mud on the eyes of the man born blind, takes the hand of the temple leader’s daughter whom everyone else thinks has died, puts his fingers in the ears of a deaf man, and Jesus heals them all. Jesus is not afraid to touch those persons who will make him ritually unclean by Jewish law. Jesus uses his touch, his hands, to lift up, to strengthen, to encourage and to heal.

Last week, my 3 year old nephew fell and came up to me crying for me to "kiss it better." I did. He instantly stopped crying and went back to playing. I overheard a little boy tell his father in a store that he had a headache. The father asked what he wanted him to do and offered to kiss it better and the two were able to continue shopping (that scene was adorable by the way).

In the book 'If Life Were Easy, It wouldn't Be Hard' (one of my top 10 favorites), Sheri Dew wrote of a little girl she knew who was afraid of the dark. Every night, she and her mother went through a ritual designed to make her feel secure in her room. But inevitably, during the night, the girl would sneak into her parents' room and climb in bed with them, at which point her mother would carry her back to her room. Her mother tried every argument she could think of to convince her daughter she would be ok. One night she said, "Honey, your father and I are just down the hall. You'll be okay, Heavenly Father is watching over you." To which the little girl responded, "Mom, don't you know? Sometimes you just need someone with skin on." It's true. Sometimes we just need to hug someone, reach out to someone, or have someone reach out to us.

There is just something about contact comfort. I remember several times I turned to a friend when I needed help and he would allow me to come over and fall asleep in his embrace...we didn't talk about what was happening, in fact we would turn on a CD and I would fall asleep crying. He may not know how eternally grateful I am for his friendship and how much I needed that shoulder to cry on -- to know that someone was there to care about me-- but it meant sooo much to me.

Science tells us that a touch triggers the release of brain endorphins — an endogenous analgesic more powerful than heroin or morphine. But touch is more than just a scientific confluence of brain chemicals. Touch tames wild animals, can soften a heart, provides more warmth than a fireplace can, it can calm our worries and give us confidence, and in the end...just feels so good. Oh and the best part about touch is that it's worth a million, but doesn't cost a cent!

Am I saying if you see someone get hurt you should try to kiss it better? Well, maybe...but don't hold me accountable for the reaction...and be careful if it's a complete stranger...boys behave! Just some food for thought. Many know that I like hugs. And when I get or give one I feel recharged and celebrate joyfully. deanna loves you. xoxoxo

Monday, September 10, 2007


I did it. I put in my 2 weeks at IKEA. Loved it...don't regret it. But retail is just not my bag, baby. I have a new VIP hookup with concerts that I've been doing to earn the cash. But it's off to CA to find true love for a month I go with Jenny (GoJen).

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ever need to hear a song once in awhile to help you through a day, week, or big fat grown-up decision? This is one that makes me smile (part cheesy, part inspiring).
I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

Discover Lee Ann Womack!

"Life is good. Life is big. Life beats a rhythm in every heart that beckons each of us to join the dance" -Annie Danielson.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I met some boy at Wal*mart at the beginning of this month and more recently we were talking about museums, art, and such and he showed me a flyer for an exhibit that dealt with fluorescent lights. Some might not consider that to be a "piece of art" like a painting is, but to them I ask the question what is art or maybe even who is an artist? My favorite answer comes from the genius illustrator Milton Glaser: Art is whatever....clever.
Here are some cool websites for some neat artsy fartsy stuff:
*This one has lots of interactive things and cool people to see

*Paint like Pollock

*I love chairs

*Andy Goldsworthy Q& have to find his photos yourself

*something for my warped minded friends

*This is just a cool website. choose blog and then search for interactive wallpaper


Thursday, August 30, 2007


Some people get best friend bracelets or necklaces to prove their friendship will last forever. Us? We get lips.
It started out us crashing a spa party to get some free laser hair removal and then the night plumped into a whole new surprise. I couldn't say my B's or P's and used a whole bunch of chapstick. They call me DeAngelina Jolie.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


6AM. Air freezing. Jordanelle Marina. Hit the lake to get my first...and hopefully not last...wakeboarding trip for the year (with Jamie, Hannah, and the anniversary couple). And I think I fell in love...with a blue Mastercraft Xstar. Heavenly.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This is my lazy way to recap the trip. Enjoy the photos. Thanks Mom & Dad.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So deanna's birthday month has been sort of a bust compared to last year. Who likes the number 27 anyway?! Ah well, I guess you find out who your friends are...there is always another one coming up next year.
not so many x's and o's

Monday, August 6, 2007


The slick black stone of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.,has stood since 1982 as a silent sentinel to the more than 58,000 names listedas casualties or missing in action from the Vietnam War.
Mobile versions of the wall have been touring the country for more than 20 years — and one came to Provo. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall was atProvo's North Park, 500 N. 500 West, Thursday(8/3/07) to Monday (8/6/07). There was an openingceremony at 10 a.m. Thurs and a closing ceremony Monday at 10 a.m. During bothceremonies, the Timpview High School band played a tribute to armed forcespersonnel from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.
Visitors looking for specific names could have a free certificate printedwith additional historical information at no charge.
I visited the wall a few times, made rubbings of family member names, andattended the closing ceremony. What an amazing piece of history to take part in.I've been to the wall designed by Maya Lin in DC, but this was so cool. I loveAmerica. We live in an amazing country. let freedom ring!

Monday, July 23, 2007


What is a kidney any way? A little bean-shaped thing located near the vertebral column at the small of the back. Say whaaa??? At least with a heart you can say I love you, with eyes you can say I see you, or with a knee you can say I kneed you. But with a kidney...I kidney you? Doesn't make sense. But he who casts the first stone wins in this case...plenty of pun intended.

Yes, I went to the Emergency Room after my mom picked me up at my apt at 4am Sunday morning (7/22/07) in excruciating pain. I thought it was just a cramp. Oh but when the nurse said she'd come back in the room with medicine for me and I told her "morphine would be nice" I knew it was a little bit more. I was supposed to attend a black & white bday cocktail party Saturday night but I got my own "shots" and my "gown" wasn't near as glamorous at THIS party.

So I am thankful to IKEA for medical insurance and for letting me call in sick because from 6am Sunday morning to 1pm Monday afternoon I think I had been awake a total of 8 hours. Yeah, I lasted about 20 seconds after the morphine shot and fell asleep sitting up. Wonderful!

So my new resolve? To treat my kidneys better! Be healthier! Unless anyone has a spare they wanna trade?

Thursday, July 19, 2007


7/19/07 Could I have had more fun in just one day?! I woke up and went to Alpine with Mike Hawker, Jordan, and Jessica Brothers to play at sliding rock and on the bike jump. The boys were in charge of getting the bike. They got a 10-speed. A little big. Then they forgot the fun-noodles to keep the bike afloat. So we tried to steal another bike at my apartment complex, but it wasn't gonna happen. So we headed up. hit the rock slide a few times and then moved to the bike jump. After only the 2nd run, Jordan let the bike sink to the bottom of the pond. So the girls went in and treaded water for like 30 minutes in search of the bike. I had my hands on it twice but couldn't hold my breath long enough to pull it all the way up. So the boys got in after their fears of disease in the stagnant water and snakes swam away and rescued the bike (which didn't belong to any of was borrowed). We went back to the slide to clean up and do a few train rides.
After that I met Patrice for some fun at the Utah County Fair. We chilled with Otis the turtle, ate some Real Utah Italian Ice (stained my mouth yellow...I'll never eat that again as long as I live), got some goodies from various booths set up, and pet some livestock.
Next, we headed to Andy's wedding reception at the Somewhere Inn Time reception center in Lindon where we had a blonde stalker follow us around the grounds. We then played with Josh B, attended various meetings, and watched for fireworks with rootbeer floats. Oh what a day! I love summer!

Monday, July 16, 2007


I met Tim and took Max, the twins, and Jacq to 7peaks water park. We played in the sun and had some $5 pizza. What could be better on a hot July day?! Well, then I promised them all snocones if they behaved well the next day. When I went to fulfill my bargain before heading off to work, NO SNOCONE SHACKS WERE OPEN. So we got ice cream cones at the Purple Turtle instead. Just as good.
Then I let Lauren stay at my apt in Provo and took her to IHOP at midnight for her first plate of stuffed french toast for her 14th birthday.
Love it being the favorite least I tell them I'm the favorite.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Living at Santa B this summer has been so much fun thus far.
Friday night we hiked up to Stewart Falls and played in the waterfall.
Saturday morning the ward went to Rock Canyon Park to have a flour fight and go down a ginormous slip n slide. Next, we headed to Alpine to sliding rock (natural rock waterslide) and the bike jump. We ended the night with a farewell BBQ and pinata for Austin and Frank who are moving away tomorrow.
Sunday I went to the new ward and received a calling (Pure Country Religion committee member or something...service committee basically), said bye to Frank and Austin again, and ended my 36 hours of pure bliss and NO WORK. woot woot.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


In three days I visited with some old friends, some new friends, and some just right in the middle.
7/5/07 Staci Pearson was in town from AZ so her sister Kara, Staci, and I all met in Lehi for my firts Cabela's experience. WOW! We saw camping/sporting goods galore, ate exotic meat, did some shooting ourselves, walked through the aquarium, and had an overall amazing time. I even got a squished penny there--my most favorite souvenir of all time.
7/6/07 After going to sevenpeaks with Tim's fam, I headed up to Ogden with Brandon and Nick to an engagement party for Jesse from AK. Whatever an "engagement party" is we had no idea, but it was a great reason to get together, meet Jesse's soon-to-be-bride, and Eat at Joe's.
7/7/07 Hannah had a wonderful idea to tube the Provo River this morning before going to work. We went to the Discount Tire store but they were all out of tubes so we headed to Wal*Mart and bought a swanky seahorse to float on. After filling it up at the Chevron across the street in our bathing suits, we headed up and then down the Provo River. Getting the seahorse in the car was a sight for all to see!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I decided last night that the 4th of July is my second favorite holiday. I live in such a great country! Full of freedom to choose/act, watermelon, parades, fireworks, flags raised with pride (the good kind), and wonderful people. I realized I have the best friends and the family in the country and we're in the best country in the world.
Only in America...and Provo...was I able to enjoy the ultimate July 4 ward activity of the year with Tim & Shauna's neighborhood (with dinner, a parade, otter pops, fireworks, and an amazing picture slideshow), stay up all night on University Ave with the entire city (while enjoying scooter rides at Rock Canyon Park, guitar hero, and a free bbq), attend the Stadium of Fire (free tickets full of Brooks & Dunn, dancin kids, and fire works!), light off fireworks with people at Santa B, enjoy a great view of the city in my big rocking chair, and then fall asleep dreamin of red, white, and blue.
Thank you to everyone who helps keep our country free.
Happy Birthday America!

Saturday, June 30, 2007


So the other day I was driving around town and realized it's summer. I mean, snocone shacks are out, bathing suits are on, tan lines are appearing...and then I realized I need to work less and play more. I have my whole life to work so I decided to enjoy it.

6/23/07 First, I hit up the Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove. My friend Jeff and I put on our boots to watch some bull ridin, calf ropin, and barrel racin and then ate strawberry milkshakes.

6/25/07 Next, my friend Jonny and I decided Hawaii was a little too far away so we headed up to Grantsville, UT to the Bonneville Seabase for some snorkeling. Who'd have thought you could see tropical fish in UTAH?! Well, we didn't see very many but we had plenty of fun in the freshwater shower after and writing our names with rocks on the salt flats on the side of the road.

A little water fight couldn't hurt anybody so I headed to one of the Watson households and aunt nana got hosed and bombarded by balloons.

Jenny Baum was in town so we grabbed Danny Wilson and hiked the to the Y where we enjoyed a great view of the city lights.

6/30/07 To finish off the week, I headed to SLC to the Desert Star theater for a girls night out to celebrate Jessica's bday. As an added bonus, Staci was in town from AZ and joined us.

Hey summer, where ya been? Now that I've found you...I'm ready for you!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Two thoughts for the day before I go off to work for the man...
#1 Last night I went to the gym pretty late at night -- a little after 1am. As I was about to leave, my new friend on the graveyard shift who doesn't even scan my card anymore because we're cool like that commented, "I've noticed you work your legs a lot when you come. You wouldn't have to if you wore high heels." I asked if he's ever tried to wear high heels himself implying it's not an easy task and then told him I don't have time to wear heels anyway. I then ended up staying there listening to him talk about how it is to live in Provo as a black man and how the police are always after him. BUT this made me think...maybe I should wear high heels when I exercise. I'm doin it tonight!
#2 While riding the bike at the gym I saw an infomercial for the Magic Knife III and thought 'Do people really watch these things on TV and order this junk?!' But after watching the ad for over 40 minutes and seeing all the things it can cut through (aluminum cans, rubber shoes, particle board...and then still slice so nicely through a hot loaf of bread or a tomato) I seriously wanted them. And if I would've ordered right then I would've got a whole second set free both for only 1 low payment of $39.99. That's right I could keep the second set for myself or give it away as a gift. Oh the money I could waste...I'm taking movies to the gym from now on.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Everybody needs to call in sick to work sometimes and yesterday happened to be the day for me. (Hope this doesn't fall into the wrong hands). I just needed some sunshine in my soul today and I got it. I started out with some slip n sliding and a BBQ with the people of the UAC. A giant tarp, bottle of dish soap, borrowed hose from a neighbor, and a bunch of college-aged kids was enough to get us kicked out of the park after an hour of fun. Next, I went to Park City with my friend Jonny and I enjoyed my first real French fine dining experience full of bubbly water, snails, lamb, little onions, and duck. It was amazing! We played a little hockey and table tennis then headed back to Provo. Oh what a day!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


My friend Michelle called and offered me the opportunity to be an extra in a film today at the Velour, a venue in Provo where local bands play. So my buddy Danny Wilson and I put on our costumes (hot cop and renaissance girl), ate lots of food in the dressing room, hung out with the small Asian actor from the tv series Heroes, and pretty much became famous. Look for the film White on Rice and yours truly to be on screen during a concert scene.
PS They were about to ask me to do a speaking part and cut the main actress but they'd already filmed so much they couldn't afford me...I'm so glamorous.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Look what you've done Shauna...I've signed up for another internet communication thing. Great! But it seems fun and might help with MY poor journaling skills.

Here is your deanna time for the day:

I hate to say goodbye because I feel like it seems so permanent. So today I love the words from a song called You and I Both by Jason Mraz. It says: And it's ok if you had to go away. Oh just remember the telephones well they work at em both ways. But if I never ever hear them ring, if nothing else I'll think the bells inside have finally found you someone else and that's ok. Cuz I'll remember everything you sang. Cuz you and I both loved what you and I spoke of...