Thursday, July 5, 2007


I decided last night that the 4th of July is my second favorite holiday. I live in such a great country! Full of freedom to choose/act, watermelon, parades, fireworks, flags raised with pride (the good kind), and wonderful people. I realized I have the best friends and the family in the country and we're in the best country in the world.
Only in America...and Provo...was I able to enjoy the ultimate July 4 ward activity of the year with Tim & Shauna's neighborhood (with dinner, a parade, otter pops, fireworks, and an amazing picture slideshow), stay up all night on University Ave with the entire city (while enjoying scooter rides at Rock Canyon Park, guitar hero, and a free bbq), attend the Stadium of Fire (free tickets full of Brooks & Dunn, dancin kids, and fire works!), light off fireworks with people at Santa B, enjoy a great view of the city in my big rocking chair, and then fall asleep dreamin of red, white, and blue.
Thank you to everyone who helps keep our country free.
Happy Birthday America!


Anonymous said...

awesome like a possum sister! That video/ picutre / music show whoops the pants off of those on the 'other' blog. Thanks for being great!

Shauna said...

You ROCK! Your Post ROCKS! Thanks for playing. :)