Thursday, July 19, 2007


7/19/07 Could I have had more fun in just one day?! I woke up and went to Alpine with Mike Hawker, Jordan, and Jessica Brothers to play at sliding rock and on the bike jump. The boys were in charge of getting the bike. They got a 10-speed. A little big. Then they forgot the fun-noodles to keep the bike afloat. So we tried to steal another bike at my apartment complex, but it wasn't gonna happen. So we headed up. hit the rock slide a few times and then moved to the bike jump. After only the 2nd run, Jordan let the bike sink to the bottom of the pond. So the girls went in and treaded water for like 30 minutes in search of the bike. I had my hands on it twice but couldn't hold my breath long enough to pull it all the way up. So the boys got in after their fears of disease in the stagnant water and snakes swam away and rescued the bike (which didn't belong to any of was borrowed). We went back to the slide to clean up and do a few train rides.
After that I met Patrice for some fun at the Utah County Fair. We chilled with Otis the turtle, ate some Real Utah Italian Ice (stained my mouth yellow...I'll never eat that again as long as I live), got some goodies from various booths set up, and pet some livestock.
Next, we headed to Andy's wedding reception at the Somewhere Inn Time reception center in Lindon where we had a blonde stalker follow us around the grounds. We then played with Josh B, attended various meetings, and watched for fireworks with rootbeer floats. Oh what a day! I love summer!