Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been watching a few childrens' shows lately (some over and over and over again). I can tolerate most, but if there is one that absolutely creeps me out more than anything it has to be the Teletubbies. I don't even know what in the world the teletubbies are...are they pajama wearing aliens? Do they even speak English? What's with the laughing baby face in the sun? And judging by the cover of this DVD, they're obviously gay (again no offense to my gay friend Shane). Not the kind of program we should be showing our little ones.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


If someone gave me a wad of cash and told me I HAD to spend it today or else I'd lose it (and I couldn't invest, save, or give it away) these are the things I think I would buy:
1. MacBook Pro

mac, mac, mac, mac, mac, mac, mac
Breaking the 10th commandment is a risk I'm willing to take by admiring this machine.
Available in custom colors like Ferrari Red, alpine green, and 24-carat gold with diamonds...I'll take whatever I can get and load that baby with memory and great software to boot.
(No more borrowing brother Tim's computer with the sticky shift key and shifty mousepad)

2. 2008 Volvo C70

I'll admit I'm not a huge 2-door car fan, but this one is gorgeous.

3. LASIK eye surgery

I'm not putting a photo up for this one because that would gross me out, but these peeps need a little help to see the world and it might be nice not to have to wear contacts anymore.

4. Monarchy Union Jack Flag Jeans

I've never wanted designer jeans before and haven't even tried these on, but for some reason I want a pair of these with the British flag...crazy yank.

5. Maybe a couple european chocolate bars and a new pair of chacos (that would be great to switch them out between washes so my feet don't get so stinky) and I'd call it a day. Gosh, imaginary shopping wears me out.
**ADDENDUM: 6/27/08**
I had a long walk today and realized if I have the money and it HAS to be spent, deanna is going for a day to the spa. Order me up a haircut, scalp treatment, deep condition, pedicure, and I'll end it with a full body massage. Oh snap--forget the candy bars..what was I thinking?!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Two weeks in Lignano and I was in heaven. Now I'll share with you what Italy IS to me:

For those that like more details:
Grandma & her boyfriend forgot to pay for their gas in Austria. The police caught them and took them to the station but gma only speaks Czech so we had to go back and rescue them. Since I took a photo with the nervous boyfriend, police, and Milan, the officer laughed & let him off the hook with the ticket not going on his driving record.
I met the Italian, Polish, and Austrian beach soccer teams...and thought I broke my foot playing with them.
I touched the water in Venice...then I think I caught a disease from it.
It rained 4 days straight...but Italian rainbows are nice.
Other Grandma & her boyfriend drank 40 bottles of Italian wine in 3 days...deanna only peach juice.
Gelato venders are suckers for Americans who try to speak Italian...I got lots of free scoops.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Within the last month, I have had a woman in a wheelchair tell me I have nice legs and a homeless man who probably hasn't seen a dentist in years tell me I have a great smile with perfect teeth. It made me realize that sometimes we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone/the moment has passed.
On a side note, as he was leaving a pub, a Czech boy told me on a scale of 1-3 my breasts are a 3...I think the beer here makes objects bigger than they appear and sometimes you just gotta shake what your mama didn't give ya.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Forget about that guy who ate Subway sandwiches to get healthy...follow the European nanny program instead.

First, I get about 1,742 pushes each arm on the swing.

Then I get an average of about 2 hours walking/sightseeing/stroller pushing per day as William sleeps.

Ivana is an amazing cook so you have to be careful with the middle, but a few situps with the window open at night while the sun goes down and birds are singing will help.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Ivana's cousin Michal volunteered to take me to Prague. Goodgosh it was gorgeous. The city is so old...and a little smelly. Highlights of the night:
Learning vocab word#1 for the day on the drive there: dopravni zacpa=traffic jam (if you forget to say dopravni then zacpa means the kind of jam you get when you don't have enough fiber in your diet), hiking up steep steep streets, crazy midget lady at the oldest tavern in town coming outside and hissing at me when I got close to the building for a photo (really hissing), climbing up 138 stairs to top of Charles' Bridge only to be attacked by 10,000 of the biggest spiders I have ever seen (vocab word#2: spider=pavouk), and eating the first Czech meal that made me want to vomit (doesn't compare to dumplings & goulash, rabbit, stinky cheese, and raddish sandwiches I've had). Praha ha.