Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RIP chi

My chi hair straightener passed on to that flat iron heaven in the sky this past week.
You were good to me. You didn't get too hot. You traveled from the states to Canada, Mexico, and most of Europe by my side. You were there for me through blonde, brown, short, long, clean, dirty, good, and bad hair days. Thank you for your valiant service. Job well done. You will be missed.

Guess that means I'm stuck with "beach hair" for the next 2 months.
**Side note: It is August...that means if anyone wants to get me a birthday present (ahem) a new one of these would suffice or a pair of those shoes with the pockets.


Anonymous said...

Shoes with pockets...What???? That chi wasn't that old was it?

Lin said...

Major lamesauce! Hopefully someone will get you one for your birthday.

Um...what exactly are the shoes with pockets. I'm so intrigued, haha.

Deanna said...