Tuesday, August 9, 2011


During my first Czech stay, I was on a train with my friend Marc from England and our train hit someone. Don't worry--I didn't see it. We were stuck in a cabin on the train forever with one other Czech passenger who spoke some English. So the 3 of us decided to see the village we were stuck in and got off the train for an adventure. I exchanged phone numbers with my new friend from the train and she invited us for dumplings the next afternoon. After the dumpling feast, she TOLD us to do the dishes. This is the story of how I met Mushroomka.

I visit my Mushroomka friend every time I come to Czech. So I decided to see her on my birthday. Nothing has changed. She still lives in a tiny village. She still made me lunch. And she didn't necessarily ASK me to help pick cucumbers from her garden for a salad...instead she handed me a bucket, pointed to some rubber boots, and told me to watch out for the prickly pumpkin plants. Bless her heart.