Saturday, August 20, 2011


We had the option to get a flight ticket from Riga to Prague with a 10 hour layover to see Warsaw Poland or have just barely enough time to change planes and be on our way. So we decided to stay and check it out.

Warsaw in a nutshell:
I'd describe this town as old meets new (it was practically rebuilt after being destroyed in WWII)

Kielbasa (eating Polish sausage in Poland)

Tomb of the (polish) unknown soldier & lots of war monuments

Swanky things that made MY day a  little brighter at least (with lots of random nuns walking around town)

And my new favorite shopping mall
(beautiful design and furniture inside, fantastic architecture outside, and a 2-story H&M)

Another 1 hour flight, local bus, student agency bus from Prague to Plzen, tram ride, 2 block walk...and the trip was officially over. Think I'm going to stay at home for a day or two!


Lin said...

That's a pretty awesome city. Gotta admit, I love when you post photos of your adventures cause it's sort of like I'm living adventures through you haha.