Thursday, August 25, 2011


*What's a Heelys?
They are a pair of stylish shoes. But wait...pop in some wheels in the heel and your Heelys shoes transform into a pair of stealth skates.

*How easy are Heelys to use?
You can easily transition from a walk to a roll by shifting the weight to the heel. Then you can turn them into street shoes by removing the wheels.

Once you get the basics down, (it might take a few tries, but you will get it) you can start doing tricks to WOW your friends.

For those concerned with safety, Heelys provides you with a safety playbook to follow.

*Why Heelys?
1. They just look stylish (there are so many options with colors, laces vs velcro, number of wheels, etc).
2. They are tough shoes that will last a lot longer than others through the roughness this boy can provide them.
3. It's a cool way to get the kids out of the house (and give the electronics a break) for some exercise.

*What did Heelys do for us?
for Max: they made him the envy of his brothers and friends on the block. 
for me: since I chose to give these shoes to Max, I got favorite aunt status (LOVE that).
**Heelys do not come with an official instant coolness guarantee**

*Want a pair for a little one you know or one for you (yes, they come in adult sizes too)?
Heelys is throwing a Labor Day/Back-to-School special!! Between Sept 2-Sept 5, Buy one pair of Heelys, get the second pair for only $30!

*Where do I find Heelys?

I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine--all mine. Thank you B2B and Heelys.


Kandice Breinholt said...

this post is awesome. my brother had heelys and i was so jealous. i tried them on once and fell down and could never figure out how to skate with them... much less how to do it well.

i'm sure it can't be that hard. coool, cool idea on their part.

loving your blog. glad i happened onto it :) new follower!

Kyle @ said...

Post made me smile as I just discovered Heelys when my son proclaimed he wanted a pair for his birthday! They are pretty cool, what a great idea. Why didn't I think of these things??

Thanks for coming by my site as well! Glad I found ya

dv8 said...

Haven't these been commonplace for a decade now?