Sunday, October 21, 2012


Who visits the Oregon coast in October? This girl (along with the parentals and a pal)!
And who makes a stop in Portland on their way to the coast? This girl!
My must-see place was Voodoo Donuts. We braved the line...and the price for a dozen of these beauties. Besides the maple bar with bacon, my fave was the cap'n crunch cereal donut (not pictured).

Next stop was Powell's City of Books. This is probably the most awesomely big book stores I've ever been to. They give maps out so don't get lost.
(No, that's not a hobo holding the plastic bag...that's me. It was cold so I threw on everything I had.)

A special stop at the 24 Church of Elvis for the Mom
The 24 HOUR CHURCH OF ELVIS in Portland, Ore., is not a church. It does not have much to do with Elvis. It's not even open 24 hours. Confused? You're not alone...

 I think I just got married by an electronic Elvis voice.
 Portland is definitely doing it's job to keep it weird.


molly said...

You came to Portland and I wasn't notified? Color me super bummed.

Lin said...

Ive always wanted to visit Portland, specifically to visit Powell's. Looks like you had fun! I mean, how in the world couldnt you, with this kick ass donuts.