Monday, October 29, 2012


Just for fun (or maybe just to make my brother Jeff super jealous), I decided to visit a few of the Food Network's Man vs Food restaurants on my trips in the last month. Here's the list:

#1 Modern Apizza, Hartford, CT  - a pie baked in a brick oven at 825 degrees F...which makes it a little black around the edges. Not the best pizza I've ever had.

#2 Louis' Lunch, inventor of the original American hamburger, Hartford, CT
Here the hamburgers are cooked on the original vertical flame grill, and for some reason, the restaurant refuses to serve any ketchup. 
The burger and potato salad were ok...the atmosphere might have been better than the food.

#3 Big Jud's, Boise, ID - the burger featured on the show was called the Double Big Jud, which consists of two 1-pound burger patties stacked on top of one another with blue cheese, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, onions and bacon and stuffed inside a large bun. Altogether, the burger weighs roughly 4 pounds (1.81 kg). 
There is NO WAY I was gonna try to eat that so I ordered a mini (normal human sized) version of the burger. Delish!

#4 Voodoo Donuts, Portland, OR - this little shop on the corner has more than 70 varieties of doughnuts, including a maple bacon bar with real bacon on top, cap'n crunch cereal toppings, and the voodoo guy himself.
Kinda pricy, they don't take cash, and usually a long line outside just for donuts.

#5 Salvador Molly's, Portland, ORGreat Balls of Fire —3 or 5 habanero chile cheese fritters covered in habanero chile sauce.
I would have been perfectly fine with my life if these balls had NEVER touched my mouth! They were disgustingly hot and the taste was not enjoyable at all.