Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NEWPORT (not sure what happened to oldport)

On the way from Seaside to Newport, there are lots of fun stops.

 Like in Tillamook at the cheese factory
 It ain't easy being cheesy.
 Next, we stopped to catch some nature at Otter Rock, but found out the Otters have moved away. Instead we saw this bird working on his CRANE technique
 We were all thirsty, but discovered Devil's Punchbowl isn't a full service rest stop.
 And almost got blown away at Cape Foulweather lookout point 
(obviously appropriately named by according to the photo with hair flying everywhere)
 But the wind and rain stopped for a few minutes and we go this beautiful view
Finally, we reached Newport where we hung out at the Yaquina Lighthouse
and hung out with the seals.
We then headed to the Oregon Coast Aquarium

 This aquarium is super cool because it has indoor and outdoor tanks to check out.
 So it seems more natural for the animals (at least from this human's perspective)
This underwater shark tunnel FREAKS me out (thanks JAWS movies!)
 Our final stop was for some amazing seafood at Local Ocean
 and an enjoyable stroll in town to hear the sea lions on the rocks.