Wednesday, December 21, 2011

There's A WHITE ELEPHANT In The Room

One thing I despise about Christmas parties:

white elephant gift exchanges.

Ohmygosh, I have NEVER received a good prize from a white elephant gift exchange. NEVER. Honestly, at the last party I went to some of the prizes up for grabs were a roll of toilet paper, a box of matches, a poster size photo of a person at the party (who was not necessarily the model type), and a bag of cinnamon hard candies (you know the ones that your grandparents have had in their candy dish at their house for like 29 years because nobody wants them). Last year at one I took home an XL jock strap...I'm a girl. Why do people want to get together and trade crap? I don't understand and vow to never participate in another one.


Unknown said...

You wouldn't be saying that if you'd ever been to a white elephant gift exchange I have participated in.

Britt said...

they make me anxious now...i went to one last year where joe and i just re-gifted a Harry Potter jacket from lost & found and some extra hand-warmers from Costco. EVERYONE ELSE had nice, new presents and i was trying to figure out where we had gone wrong. then one co-worker ended up with her own gift at the end: a brand new i-pod touch. she was like "i got this with my computer and never used it, so thought i would try to get rid of it."

k, off my soapbox. the end.

Kara said...

Guess your need to change your view of what it's really about. Some parties don't have rules, in which case you need to prepare to leave with something junky. Our main rules are: no junk (dump-worthy,) something useable and can't be from a previous white elephant party. We give extra points if the give is super valuable and results in lots of "stealing."

Deanna said...

Sounds like I'm totally going to the WRONG parties! I'll expect invites next year.

Lin said...

You're not alone in your hatred for this stupid game. I HATE it with all my being!

We played it at work this year & I walked away with a lame ass hand blender. Yeah, what am I, 65?