Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Is there anyone on your list who is super hard to buy for? A person that either has everything or only wants items that are super expensive and there is no way you are buying them for them (even though you love them bunches...your bank account might night not be able to love them that much). For me these people are my dad and my brothers. Why my dad? Because it seems like he already has everything and I'm too old to still give him tacky ties and "World's Greatest Dad" mugs and t-shirts.

Or do you find you get lame presents from others? I mean, any present is nice and Christmas isn't just about giving/getting gifts. But it is part of the tradition and you know if you don't give any gifts you will be in BIG trouble. So instead of getting stuck with chia heads, the clapper, or some framed inspirational quote that gets stuck in your closet until you get invited to a white elephant party, why not give a gift card?!

I love gift cards because it let's me (or the person I give one to) choose what I want. Yes, what I really want. Then you don't have to hear about bad gifts for years to come. It also makes it easier for me because I don't have to try to be sneaky and ask about specific teams, colors, or sizes without giving it away that I'm buying that specific item for the person. Easy peasy. The only thing I have to worry about is selecting the cutest card.

You might be thinking giving a card is boring. But it doesn't have to be. You can put the gift certificate inside a greeting card, special card box, or reusable coin purse. Or you can be creative and hide the gift card inside something cool like a stuffed animal, a jacket pocket, or tie it around your dog and have the pooch run in and deliver it. One time I wrapped up the biggest box I could find (thankfully my parents had just bought a refrigerator) and then wrapped smaller boxes inside it and hid the gift certificate in one of them. It was like a big gift scavenger hunt and my friend LOVED it.

During the holidays, many restaurants offer bonus meals and gift cards for you to keep when you buy a card for your loved one (that's either a score for you to dine on or another pressie to give away for free). Join the Gift Cards Rock community on Facebook to learn more about great gift cards deals, share exciting tips, and enter amazing giveaways! *Gift Cards Rock is an online community for people who love to give and receive gift cards.

So next time you are struggling to find a gift, let your loved one get MY favorite present of a gift card and you're sure to make everyone happy.

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