Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I don't really like shopping. Add the holidays and I really don't like shopping!

Things I wish I could get rid of:

1. People wearing sweats or pajamas with their slippers to the store. Remember when your parents were young and they dressed up when going out in public. I kinda wish those days were back. There is nothing wrong with wearing sweats, as long as you are at home (even if you spent $50 on them and they say something cute on the butt). I don't care if you are catching a red eye flight or midnight movie...it's time to get dressed.

2. Store employees munching away on food while at work. I know everyone has to eat, but that is why you are given breaks/lunches/dinners. It totally grosses me out to see someone chomping on pizza then try to shake my hand or hold merchandise they want me to buy.

3. Big trucks driving in the fast lane. I am aware we need them to deliver goods for us to purchase (or maybe they are the construction trucks here in Utah), but please don't create road blocks by driving in all 3 lanes.

4. Some people are capable of working retail and some are not. I am not. I've tried, but I cannot stand customers who make messes in the store because they think someone else can clean up after them. Have some respect! In the words of Depeche Mode "People are people," so what makes you better than a store employee?! Nothing...so quit acting like it.

OK that's all. Happy Holidays!