Sunday, January 16, 2011


It is half way through the first month of the new year.
My new year's resolution: to be on time.
Oops...I kinda blew that one.
Oh well, I will soon get my parking spot back at the rec center from all the resolution-ers dying out and everything will be fine.

I have a confession: New Year's Eve is not my most favorite holiday to celebrate and I don't think I am the best at setting goals. I have never said, "THIS is gonna be my year!"
I know I have things to improve on, I just don't get the new year start over thing. I mean, I want to be smart, healthy, and loving all the time.
But I am willing to test it out. SO number one on my list is to actually make a list.
A small list.
Number two is to stop making lists.
Oh wait...just kidding.
I'm not sure yet what else will be on list, but I know for sure I won't ask to be more patient because the last time I asked for that people started driving slow in front of me on the roads, the girl at Subway barely put any cucumbers on my sandwich she was taking forever to make, and it took days to get email responses I needed fast. Yeah...note to self: don't ask God for tough lessons because He WILL answer your prayers.

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Shannon Henrici said...

Love it! I am so with you! I hate making resolutions. They are sometimes just a reminder of what I didn't do last year. Hilarious post! Thanks for sharing!

Family Fashion and Facts said...

lol thats hilarious!

easleyfamily said...

New Years is totally over-rated and I'm already awesome enough...who needs goals??!?! :)