Wednesday, January 12, 2011


He was a jolly, happy soul
whenever he put that hat on his head
Always running here and there.
He seemed like he was alive as he could be.
But I guess he said "Catch me if you can" one too many times to Mother Nature.
Last thing I remember, he was outside smoking his corncob pipe
when I heard a loud thumpetty thump thump
and his last request saying, "Don't you cry! I'll be back again someday."
Oh look at Frosty go...


Anonymous said...

RIP and God bless

Unknown said...

Awww - thanks for sharing!
Newest follower via GFC, tsue1136 of

Congrats on your win!

Brandon said...

Y'know, he could laugh and play just the same as you and me... at least that's what the children say.
He'll be missed.

lul said...

Haha! nice!

Dee Paulino said...

How funny!!

Unknown said...

LOL! Cute post!

Thank you for popping by and entering the contest on my blog! Looking forward to reading up on your blog!