Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is a small video recorded by a member of the Passau ward (never trust a German boy with your camera). In it is me with the funniest guy there. He's a little bit different. He giggles a lot. I heard a rumor that some people don't want him to come to church because he is so crazy. This is sad to me because he isn't hurting any one. Sure, maybe he pulls out an air freshener during meetings and sprays it all over his face, nibbles on the sacrament bread as he passes it, and most times says some funny things (like "Have you ever looked a cow in the eyes? It's lovely")...but he loves everyone. The person who told me this story said, "Maybe one day in heaven he'll come up to us and say 'thank you for being my friend when I was crazy.'"

(click the thumbnail to watch)

I don't put sandwiches in my pocket (most of the time), but I'd like to tell you thank you for being my friend (not when I was CRAZY, but through the crazy things I do/write).


Britt said...

aw, he just needed one for the road :)

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I have been called crazy a million times... I just tend to think, "Humph I just decorate the world." Maybe he does too!

Deanna said...

well, he fell off of his roof. so...he really is kinda crazy. bless his heart.