Saturday, July 10, 2010


All of the sudden I noticed it was unusually quiet in the pool. I looked around to find William at the other end sitting on the steps next to his deflated octopus air mattress. "It's broken," he muttered. "Oh, you're sad because you can't use it any more?"
He nodded a very heartbroken yes. Patting his shoulder I replied, "Don't worry...all pool toys go to heaven," to which he smiled, gently set it alongside the pool, and began splashing water in my face as usual. Rest in peace in that big kiddie pool in the sky, octomattress.


RenaeF said...

Thanks for the laugh today :D

Danielle Renee said... so true. I've probably said good bye to more pool toys then I have pets.

peejay said...

i have rescued so many abandoned pool toys in my lifetime, may they rest in peace.

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

Rest in Peace good olde pool toy!