Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Besides when a guy wears a good cologne, suiting up with cuff links makes me swoon a little. It's true: every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man.

So I learned something new today:

The forerunner of today's shirt first appeared in the early-1500s, its ruffled wristband finished with small openings on either side that tied together with "cuff strings." Although cuff strings would remain popular well into the nineteenth century, it was during the reign of Louis XIV that shirt sleeves started to be fastened with boutons de manchette, or "sleeve buttons".

CUFF LINKS. As a promotion for their super nice shirts, this company is giving away a free pair (or you can take 2) of links. You just have to pay shipping. Go here to rock it like Mr. XIV and get some linkage. Just trying to help out my local neighborhood player...


Anonymous said...

I ordered mine.

Eat To Live said...

Congratulations!!!! You won the apron on my blog.

I sent you an email in your hot mail address. Can you send me back your address? Thanks Terry

Angela Brian said...

my goodness i LOvE your blog.

it's a complete gem!

p.s. i think the dancing house is absolutely fantastic! {wow}


Pumpkin Tart said...

I couldn't agree more that a man goes up on the attractive scale when he wears a nice cologne and is a natty dresser.

I'm now following from Blog Hop Friday!


Tom said...

I ordered me some free links. Now I'll have 2 pair of cuff links. I guess I should finally breakdown and buy a french cuff shirt... lol