Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today is Ivanka's birthday, so while everyone was away, I did my duty to help her celebrate the most American way possible.
I bought a cake with baking directions written in Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, and Polish. If that didn't mess me up enough, the ingredient measurements were in milliliters and grams. Don't fear: I whipped up a culinary delight that looked AND tasted delish.

Next, I put up a few decorations, wrapped a gift, found a party hat for the birthday girl to wear, and made a game of 'pin the earrings on the Ivanka' for everyone to play. Maybe I taught William to sing "Happy birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You look like a monkey. And you smell like one too." Just maybe.

Then I helped Ivanka spice up her birthday party invitation text for the evening (wink wink).
At the end of the day, we had one happy party princess!


Anonymous said...

Cake looked yummy!! Party princess huh... you never make ME a cake!

Brandon said...

That cake looks awesome! She's lucky to have you.

Kel said...

Just wanted to say hi. I'm new to your blog. I found you through Survey Junkie. That cake looks so yummy! Swing by Between the Lines when you have a chance. I have some great giveaways and some awesome ones scheduled.


Anonymous said...

free sex birthday party!!

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

SO cute. My lil' princess's b-day was yesterday.Fun isn't' it. :)

I am stopping by to follow you and don't see your GFC.


Cal said...

I'm impressed!

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

YEA I found it. I am a new follower now. YEA

Have a great weekend,

The Loomis Family said...

Please make me one of those cakes! Soon! YUMMMM!

stash mama said...

Hii! I am late from FF...I love you blog! I would looove a follow back too ;)

Mellisa said...

that looks awesome!!!! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and following! I am your newest follower.


Emily said...

Well for the directions being in a different language that cake looks pretty darn good, lol!

Stopping by to say Hi and check out your cute blog!

I am your newest follower!

Hope you are having a great weekend!