Monday, June 7, 2010


Orem High School
Established: 1956
Mascot: Golden Tigers
Colors: Blue and Gold
Orem, Utah

Orem High School, my alma mater, has a scheduled demolition some time this month. There was an open house May 19, for anyone who wanted to walk through the school prior to it's destruction. I unfortunately missed this event. Sad face.

In it's place, there will be a new high school along with about 7.5 acres of new landscaping.
Things I will remember about OHS:
many lessons learned from Downs C-7
"year book staff passes" to roam the halls
sitting in the new lounge built by the class of 1998 (woot! woot!)
AP Basketball with Spence Weiler in the trailers
being issued lockers but opting to use the back seat of my car instead
lettered halls that confused the heck out of me my first week
A vs B days
lots of hours in the dark room
Eye of the Tiger
hippies in the Unified Studies room
never eating a single school lunch from the cafeteria
learning to drive in the range with B98.7fm blasting
sneaking into school dances
released time -- a way better alternative to early morning seminary
meeting some of my most very favorite people


Leslie said...

sniff makes me a little sad too! And wasn't Downs the best. He was the only teacher that ever cared what my grade was.

Anonymous said...

school is for fools

Anonymous said...

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Devon said...

I didn't even know this was happening! Yikes! And I agree that you must ALWAYS have your camera with you because you catch the best stuff! You're amazing!

Heather S. said...

It's hard... I know... They're actually CLOSING down my high school... getting older is weird.