Saturday, June 19, 2010


In my travels of the world thus far, I have been asked many times why I don't drink. In the last conversation I had about this topic, the other person said some people drink to hide things or to fill a hole where something is missing and they aren't happy (or something like that). He told me I must not be missing anything. This has been on my mind since I heard it said. I think far too often those of us who live in America have everything except happiness while I have met others who have so little of the worldly things who have nothing but happiness.

This morning, I was able to witness a great event. I was able to see a simple baptism in a lake of a simple man into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the happiness that radiated from his countenance as this process took place. Then it hit me...while I know that I don't actually have everything, I do know that I do have a little something special by being a Mormon. I have the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost. I have knowledge of eternal life. I have the power of the priesthood on the earth and the gift of full access to that power. I have the gift of revealed scripture and a living prophet on earth. I have the tool of prayer and faith that my prayers are heard. I have the gift of understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ with knowledge of repentance and hope. I have a testimony of purpose in life. Sure, I have challenges and things don't always go as I plan, but I believe in Christ and that makes me happy.**


**I'm not saying money is bad. I mean, feel to free to buy me things if you want. In fact, not enough people buy me things, in my opinion. I'm just saying it's not the most important thing.


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Greco6 said...

That was great Deanna, and I must say that I am proud of you to keep your standards in all of your travels! What is up with the men these days? You should be somebodies hot wife!

peejay said...

Love. The church is true.

Sandy S. said...

I completely agree agree that money doesn't make you happy. I know a few people that don't have any worries, but they are some of the least happy people I know. It's kind of sad!

BTW, I'm following you back from Welcome Wednesday (even though it's monday!)


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Have a great week!
Diane said...

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Heather S. said...

awesome! neat picture! And what a neat thing to experience!

Garn said...

delurking here, but thanks for the spiritual moment!! How cool is that, experiencing an old fashioned baptism. Chills!