Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oklahoma is OK

I left Utah to Oklahoma on Thursday for a bit to work. Surprise!...for some. I haven't seen much besides 3 of the 12 local Walmart stores, lots of dry grass, and my new 4 friends. PS I discovered the most wonderful thing at Wal*mart: I'm not sure if it's a permanent item or if it's just for Valentine's Day, but they have an aisle with international chocolate. That's right, I was worried I'd have to go back to Germany to find my favorite chocolate treats, but now it's just around the corner. (I'll probably find another excuse to travel back though.)

So all I have to say right now is Oklahoma is OK. Give me a little bit more time to explore the place.

Moving on, it's Valentine's Day and I wish I had a new slide show to post, but, alas, I don't have any of my photos with me, so here is last years again...

In honor of love, Valentine's Day, and all that shiz.
BOYS: Take notes from these dudes.
GIRLS: Find these guys and don't ever let them go.


Jeff said...

That makes me happy. I love German chocolate. I may have to venture over to WalMart.

Freddy said...

Okay?! JUST okay?! Rodgers and Hammerstein would be sooooooooo upset with you right about now. ;)
Good to see you are doing well!

Cassie Weske said...

Deanna! I had no idea you are actually in Oklahoma! Did you know I live in Oklahoma City!? If you are close by you should call me for sure and come visit!?!

I am deeply greatful that you participated in celebrating Kolby's Birthday! I will have to post the pictures when you send them, no hurry, no worries.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love ya,
Cassie Jo
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