Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's birthday time for the moms. A BIG birthday this year! In fact, I think she's gettin close to the senior discount at the Sizzler. woot! woot!

Important things my mom has taught me:

Always wear clean underwear...because you never know when United Airlines will lose your luggage before a hot hot vacation to the Florida beaches and leave you in the jeans you left Utah wearing for 3 days.

Shake it...even when you have lovely 'grandma humps'

Don't be afraid to toot your own horn...or maybe antler...

There's nothin wrong with showin a little.... or wait is it searching for... some red footed boobies in Hawaii.

and No one can put the ass in embarrass like your family.

AAHHH the Moms, You've been there for me through the big and little (faces/clothes), the good and the bad (dates/jobs), smart and the stupid (decisions/roommates), and the broken and good (hearts/cell phones/cars). Can't thank you enough for everything you do and the person you are. You've got a heart so big. Love your face!


Shauna said...

Ah. .sweet. . Happy Birthday Jan!

Britt said...

that was so nice!

Jaimee said...

aawwww I love Jan!! Happy birthday beautiful lady :)Your a great daughter too D!!!

easleyfamily said...

Oh! Mom Watson! We love Mom Watson!