Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's time to pour some 'catchup' on this post so you can enjoy a quick review of my last week or so and things I've failed to mention:

I missed the first few days of the Sundance Film Festival, but quickly made it up to the film gods and headed to Park City where I saw old fest friends, met some new people who were "sweet as hell", caught a few screenings, snuck into a few parties, and (even though I missed Dory this year) had a 4 star time.

Human foosball...ever heard of it? Me neither, but I had the opportunity to go to a school with awesome kids who are working really hard at overcoming some obstacles life has handed them to play it with them. Loved loved loved them and the fact that my team won so we had first pick at the treat table afterwards.

My pal Val passed on the word that the Huntsman Cancer Foundation needed volunteers for the K-Bull Radio-A-Thon so I told her to sign me up. My heart was touched as I did such a simple thing as answer a phone...something I do every day...to hear people swell up with tears as they donated or told stories in honor of a loved one who has struggled with cancer.

After putting the phone down, I headed towards Spanish Fork Canyon for a dance team reunion party at Ricky's house. I got my game on in cards, slept with lots of strange animals running around, and helped cooked breakfast in the morning. Then I headed out with studly Jamie and crew for some 4 wheelin in the snow out by Saratoga. Can't wait to see him in a few months for some wakeboarding!

Next, I loaded up most of the nieces and nephews and the dad for a trip to the Living Planet Aquarium where we touched sting rays, stared at jellyfish, and left with some sweet fish tattoos. The highlight of the trip was when I found Jacq in the backseat with my cell calling random numbers in my phonebook and saying, "Hello Santa? Bring me presents!" on the way home.

Finally, (sorry this is a long one) brother Tim called me the night before and planned to pick me up at 5:45am to go to Denny's for free grand slam breakfast day. But, alas, everyone else in town was there too. And since Tim doesn't have very much patience for waiting in lines, we left and drove to Macey's where we bought the essentials and made our own slammin breakfast at Lenny's.

*This totally reminded me of the episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets kicked out of an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant, drives around town to find another, and then, since he can't find any, he goes fishing. "Does this sound like a man who had ALL he could eat?!"*


Britt said...

you busy little bee! i love your life!

3ND said...

Glad to hear I was missed. Ill be up in Park City next time spreading goodwill and cheer to Mormon girls and celebstalkers alike.

braden said...

You didn't even mention that you did in fact go to Denny's later that morning/afternoon.

lauren said...

Dude I'm freaking hot in like all those Pictures.
By the way this summer I turn 16 soo Imma be comming out to Orem to work at Penny's.