Tuesday, January 27, 2009


While catching up with my friend Michelle on what I've done since I last saw her, she told me, "Oh man...your life is WAY BETTER than tv." It made me giggle. Then I thought about it and decided that if my life was a tv show I'd want this as my theme song:
(You have to push play...yes, that's the triangle in the circle...to hear. Listen to the lyrics or google them. Amazing.)


Anonymous said...

All the clerks wanna offer you help
all the folks compliment your style.
Little children wanna jump in your lap
girl I wanna do that myself.

dat is sooper funny and your da cutest most purdiest thang fo sho.

Cal said...

I like it. I'd buy your life's soundtrack probably, if you had one.

ali-dot-e said...

I could totally see you strutting down the street to this.. That would be your opening shot for your TV show!!

Unknown said...

This song is fly. You want it on that mix?
I think you're gonna like it, your own personal soundtrack. It's almost ready to print.
Then all we do is start filming.

molly said...

I would totally watch your show.