Monday, January 26, 2009


After considering the future consequences of posting more photos of my broken face on here, I decided we'll let that subject be. It's gone. 110% better. A quick recap is all you get:
DeAngelina lip, IV 3x/day done at home for a week and a half then 10 more days of meds (that might have been mixed up with someone else's prescription for little blue pills which are used for a totally different problem), way too many 6am doctor visits, crochet hooks in my face, a little numbness but the nerves should get back together, face-pons, fun times trying to bathe, many hours of sleeping through movies, and lots of liquids.


Cal said...

Although the nursing student in me is dying for more details, but I'll respect your wishes and leave it be. Glad you're better though..

Britt said...

yay for that! sorry that sucked so bad :(