Friday, January 30, 2009


This has been sent to me by a few different people. I was doing a great job at avoiding it but it seems like it's the cool thing to do right now, and, well, since I totally care about being cool I'm posting it here. I see your 25 random things and raise you 5 more (I'm just narcissistic like that):

1. My favorite color is baby blue.
2. I like mushrooms on my pizza.
3. I once scooted my boots on the Western Dance Club of Utah's Performance team.
4. I secretly plan on having Oprah pay for my wedding.
5. Ben Folds rocks my suburbs and Andy Goldsworthy touches my nature.
6. I admit that if I don't have milk for cereal I'll use water instead.
7. I never hang the phone up first (unless I'm low on minutes or really don't want to talk to you).
8. I shave my legs every day in the shower.
9. I'm good at remembering numbers...just wish that skill could help me out in Vegas.
10. My elementary school teachers used to write on my report cards that I didn't talk enough in class.
11. I'd wear my bathing suit EVERY DAY if weather permitted.
12. I like to go to expos/conventions.
13. I had a foreign language, JCP, and DP2K scholarship all at the same time so I paid for my college junk and some of my brothers. I bought brand new books the first semester, used books the second, then by the third, realized I didn't need to buy them the remaining years.
14. I was born in Livermore, CA.
15. I don't usually like to take naps because I wake up not knowing if it's am or pm.
16. I didn't wear any kind of makeup until I was 20 and was told if I wanted to represent the Dairy Industry I had to look presentable.
17. I like chairs and architecture.
18. says as of December 22, 2008, I've seen 17% of the world.
19. I like to laugh. Sometimes I point and laugh.
20. I drive too fast, my showers are too long, but my peanut butter cookies are just right.
21. My favorite NKOTB was Jordan Knight. My brother used to sing, "oh oh oh oh oh...New Kids suck," to the tune of Hangin' Tough and it made me want to punch him. Not brother.
22. Ducks make me laugh because they don't have arms.
23. I heart fireworks.
24. I'm boy retarded.
25. I enjoy cala lilies and yellow roses with orange tips and accept gifts of both at any time.
26. I hate running in the rain but I love to run in the snow because it makes me feel like Rocky.
27. If someone asks me to name a celebrity Tom Cruise and Beyonce are the first that come to my mind.
28. I once tested positive...for G-A-M-E when it comes to playing board games.
29. My favorite adjective is oscillating.
30. I like to smile. Smiling's my favorite.


Devon said...

Those are great! I've been trying to come up with 25 too, and I keep getting sidetracked. But I have to agree with you...oscillating is a fabulous adjective!

ali-dot-e said...

Deanna, You still make me laugh!

Leslie said...

Deanna, you crack me up. You always have. Well as long as Ive known ya. And then I didnt know ya for awhile so really you werent making me laugh then. But then I found ya again and you still make me laugh.

Ash-face and J-pants said...
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Ash-face and J-pants said...

Ha ha and why were you representing the dairy industry?

Jaimee said...

YES I got ya to do it...peer pressure, it's the best! I love reading about you and your life it's always fun and as long as I've known you I still seem to learn new things about you ;-)