Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Thanks to my buddy Dan, I had the opportunity to visit Wild and Wonderful West Virginia (yes, they actually write that on their license plates) for the weekend.

While I was getting East by West Virginia, I made sure I was gettin lucky in Kentucky, round on both sides and HI in the middle in OHIO, her-she-comes to Pennsylvania, all with a side of Maryland to make for a fantastic weekend road trip.

WEST VIRGINIA: That's where Dan AND Bob Evans diners reside (Denny's eat your heart out).
KENTUCKY/OHIO: I took the car while Dan was at work and drove to Ashland, KY. I went into a store and saw a shirt that showed a map of Kentucky with the country music road tour on it and it just so happened to start in the city I was in so I bought it and drove. Then I went a few minutes north to South Point, OH, where I ended at a lovely spot with 2 park benches at the end of a road where you can sit in Ohio, look over the Ohio River to Kentucky, and see a river from West Virginia pour in. It wasn't the best weather for a park day, nevertheless, the tri-state view was lovely.
PENNSYLVANIA: Might as well get in the car and drive a few (or 5 1/2) hours to Hershey, PA to go to Chocolate World and stay the night at oh-so-posh Hotel Hershey where the street lights look like chocolate kisses, you can buy Philly Cheese steaks and tastykakes galore, sip on yoohoo (not my favorite), and get free chocolate at every front desk. We tried to make it to the Falling Water house (I heart Frank Lloyd Wright) but holiday operation hours wouldn't permit, so we stopped at Gettysburg for 4 score and 7 hours of historical sites.
MARYLAND: Didn't know we'd have to drive this state. But I did eat a pulled pork sandwich with slaw from Roy Rogers fast food restaurant and fell in love. You MUST stop there if you ever happen to drive by one!

**Sorry to all the friends I neglected to visit who were so close yet so far away on the trip. I'm a jerk. Love you.**
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Anonymous said...

i love that your traveling so much. ok

Cal said...

How fun. We are planning our road trip for the spring. It's a must do! Thanks for the good insider info.

Ash-face and J-pants said...

Interesting that this whole trip centered around food...

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Heading east is always so magical and I would of driven 10 hours for free chocolate at every turn!

Anonymous said...

so elizabethtown!!!