Sunday, June 30, 2013


I wrote about attending a movie screening for Monsters University a bit ago, but I didn't tell the story of the night. I had a friend who was going to be in town from SLC for the night so I kindly invited him to go to the show with me the day before. The morning of the screening, I texted to see if he was for sure going and he replied with yes and asked if he should pick me up or meet me at the theater at 7pm. We didn't make definite plans. Around 6pm, I headed out to run a few errands and texted I would meet him there. I received no response. I texted again and around 6:40pm, I phoned. Still no answer. I had both tickets and 3D glasses in my hand already. The movie was starting soon and I couldn't think of anyone who could make it to the theater on such short notice.

This might not be such a big deal to some, but I've never been to the theater to watch a movie by myself before this night. I felt a little anxious. I didn't think I could find ONE theater patron standing in the ticket line who wanted a free ticket to see Monsters U with me. I thought about going home. Then I told myself the theater would be full of little kids and parents and I'd be fine. Silly? Maybe. 

I'm a big girl...a confident woman. You know, the "Miss Independent" Ne-Yo sang about. I've done a lot of things by myself. For heavens sake, I've traveled to foreign countries where I didn't speak the language alone, gone to wedding receptions without a date, even eaten at a restaurant alone when on business trips, etc. And I didn't think twice about any of those activities, but for some reason going to see a movie at a theater by myself really made me nervous.

Everybody needs moments of silence, of meditation, and of being alone, but this was not the appropriate time for me. Don't worry....I survived the night. 

Being alone actually gave me time to think and to remember I'M NOT PERFECT.
Nothing was wrong with me that night. My insecurity can be a sign of strength instead of weakness. Let's not be so hard on ourselves. Laugh it off, love it, learn from it, and keep moving on. Just don't make me go to the movie theater alone again, please?


Sandy Cain said...

LOL, it's funny what makes us uneasy. I LOVE going to the movies alone - but I feel uneasy when I watch TV alone. Strange? You bet. But you're right - we're not perfect, and shouldn't TRY to be!