Sunday, March 27, 2011


Fort McMurray, AB:

I see this everywhere around me:


And most cars look like this:

(the awesome mud stripe)

My goals while here:
1. Take up curling or ice fishing.
2. Find out if they call it "our" bacon or "our" dry gingerale.
3. Add eh to at least 3 sentences per week.
5. Get an awesomely tacky souvenir with a maple leaf on it to take home (hopefully an article of clothing).


Kara said...

See how skilled you are at blending in by not drawing attention to the 'eh?' and the end of your sentence. Then, my friend, you shall truly be a Canadian.

P.S. Why the HECK are you in Fort MAC???? Family?

Tom said...

Seriously: nobody goes to Fort McMurray unless there is a requirement. Especially in winter/early spring.

2. People in Canada just call it "ham", like it is.

3. Good luck, eh. I'm sure you'll use it wrong. :)

jeff said...

you can only like hockey if you become a fan of the Boston Bruins, as they are the best and most fantastic hockey team ever.

if you choose to NOT to become a fan of the Bruins, I strongly recommend that you become a fan of one of the original 6 NHL teams.


Unknown said...

Looks like you're doing pretty good so far!!!