Wednesday, December 15, 2010


...for really long lines at the post office.
God bless everyone (especially the really old lady I stepped up to help because people were getting angry at her for holding up the line at the self post-it machine)!


Jeff said...

I'm glad you helped her. She's somebody's grandma.

Lin said...

I agree with Jeff! I hate how some people will stand there & get all p*ssed instead of trying to help them.

Jaimee said...

AMEN! I helped an elderly couple in the long line on voting day at the polls - It's so sad when people get mad at them, one day their butt will be in that same situation ;-)

As for the post office pic - makes me really miss my old post office, I totally miss living in Utah County! It's funny the simple things you see that make you miss and reminisce!!