Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hypothetically speaking...let's say
you find out the cute, flirty dude at the gym is actually married,
your darn cat gets sick on your new carpet and you have to clean it up,
there is an email in your inbox saying they chose someone else for the job,
and then this happens:
the little exercise thing from the chiropractor that hangs on the door flies off and hits you in the face.

That's gonna leave a mark.
If all that happens, I bet you could say it just isn't your week. And it's only Tuesday. Ugh.


ww said...

Ouch! Here's a trick I learned: hang it on the opposite side of the door and close the door. Hopefully that will prevent it from happening in the future. Loves to you! xoxo

Lin said...

holy cow that looks like it hurt. That is one crappy hypothetical week...or beginning of the week. I hope it gets better!

Also, put some Neosporin on that cut to help it heal ;)

Anonymous said...

Payback for oggling guys at the gym... Just sayin'

molly said...

SHOOT! That stinks, lady. Good luck with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

peejay said...

at least you have pretty eyes to pull off the battered look as well as you do.

Anonymous said...

chicks dig scars.. oops wrong gender