Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Bob Dylan wrote a song with these lyrics:

You may be an ambassador to England or France
You may like to gamble, you might like to dance
You may be the heavyweight champion of the world
You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls.

You may be a preacher with your spiritual pride
You may be a city councilman taking bribes on the side
You may be workin’ in a barbershop, you may know how to cut hair
You may be somebody’s mistress, may be somebody’s heir.

And the song goes on. It's pretty cool. Click here to read the rest.

Anyway, hearing this and seeing a new "Chicken Soup for the 'blah blah' Soul" book got me thinking. What would my chicken soup book be?
For instance, my cousin Kelly would read Chicken Soup for the Volleyball player's Soul.
My Dad would read the Father's soul.

My brother would read Chicken Soup for the farter's Soul.
I have several friends that would read for the runner's Soul.
Ansel Adams would have read for the photographer's soul.
My niece Lauren would read for the emo kid's soul.
Ashton Kutcher would read for the super hunky actor's soul.
Brother Jeff would read for the police officer's soul.
Shauna would read for the zombie killer's soul.
Etcetera etcetera.

So what is my Chicken Soup book? What is my passion? What do I do well in life? Yes, I'm trying to make this an interactive post...answer for me or write what you think your Chicken Soup might be. Come on...it'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

Mine would be for the I want to retire chicken souper. Oh yeah,, Kutchers should be for the "chicken soup for the cheaters soul". Creep!

Garn said...

haha, I can't remember how I connected to your blog, but it always makes me smile. Hmmm perhaps mine would be Chicken Soup for a Cougar Fan's Soul...especially needed lately.

Deanna said...

God bless us all as cougar fans...

Anonymous said...

I like cougars! especially ones that make good chicken soup

Unknown said...

Chicken soup for the restless traveler's soul?

Anonymous said...

Is there such a book for the "hottie body" soul??

Blogs said...

oh my....i would have to read the farters soul too...that's too funny!

The Loomis Family said...

Chicken soup for the Anti-Splenda soul. HAHA
Chicken soup for the coolest girl in the worlds soul
Is it bad to actually pray that the cougars will win? Just curious... I think if you do you are a true fan :) Cuz they could really use our prayers.

Shauna said...

Hope you have a good weekend! :) Shauna from http://www.trying2staycalm.com/

Marlene McGarrity said...

Wouldn't your be for the Photo Lovers soul?