Sunday, August 1, 2010


Three things that really made my weekend:

#1 You know that photo of the guy in the cut off jean shorts that are just SO wrong that you've been sent from a uncle/friend who sends WAY TOO MANY FWD emails... yeah with the hairy cheeks, big stomach hanging out, and the little back pack...
well, I think I saw him in real life.

#2 Nothing says Czech like a dumpling eating contest. If only I spoke the language and knew how to sign up for this event at a carnival in the village, I would have wasted the locals! I love my knedlíky and goulash.

#3 Great Scott! I swear this guy was Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movies. You remember the flux capacitor?!

Yes, he is there trying to get a giant homemade airplane to get off the ground and yes he is wearing black socks and underwear in public. The plane took off and circled the crowd a couple times and then never came back. "Good night, Future Boy..."