Saturday, August 7, 2010


I have made 5 flights in the last 2 days and I just want to give a few tips to help any readers to NOT be so annoying to fellow flyers.
1. Do NOT grab on to the headrest in front of you to help yourself stand up.
2. Do NOT move around in your seat so much in case the person behind you is trying to sleep on the tray table and you are causing your chair to whack them in the head every 10 seconds.
3. If everyone else on the plane (especially on long international flights) has their window shade down to block the sunshine from blaring in in order to sleep, please do NOT be the ONE person who keeps opening yours up (especially if you're sitting next me).
4. Do NOT keep your carry on items on the floor taking up all of your leg room causing you to put your bare feet near the person in the seat next to you.
5. Do NOT cross over the arm rest.
6. DO know how to use your own touch screen and seat belt and do NOT wake up the person next to you and ask them to do help you every 30 minutes.
7. Do NOT drink a gallon of water before the flight if you have a middle or aisle seat, causing you to stumble over everyone on your way to the toilet.
8. DO insist on taking a shower that day before heading to the airport, please.
9. Just because you have earphones on when you are watching an in flight movie, it does not mean that you can laugh so loud that travelers 5 rows behind can hear you.
10. Do NOT and do NOT let your children kick or put their knees on the seat in front of you.
11. If your child is crying and the plane has a lower level downstairs with bathrooms and where no passengers are sitting, please take them down instead of letting them scream at the top of their lungs.
12. Do NOT hit other people with your handbags/luggage as you get it from the overhead compartment.

I'm always surprised at how oblivious people can be.
Good thing I never wanted to be a flight attendant when I was little because I'm afraid I'd punch people.
Please and thank you.

This post just reminded me of this clip:

Does this count as annoying?


Anonymous said...

...and don't tap the touchscreen so hard it shakes the back of the seat in front of you, especially if it's the quiz game that requires taps every few seconds.

Tom said...

I love lists of pet peeves, etc. :)

Unknown said...

lol..great list!

Damsels said...

DO bring some sleeping pills so that time passes by fast... im jsut kidding (no im not ) but i kno quite a few frequent flyers self prescribe

StephanieTJLee said...

HAHAH These are such fabulous and hilarious tips. Thanks so much for sharing :)!!!!!!! #10 is oh so needed.

Laura said...

umm... Omg! funny! Love the one about staying on your side of the arm rest AND not drinking tons of water and having to use the b-room mid-flight... I ALWAYS go BEFORE I get on the plane... c'mon people! common sense!

Laura @ (formerly win lose or blog)